Mark Latham

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A Sydney based right wing journalist and former politician. Latham entered into politics through the Labor Party, working as an assistant to former PM Gough Whitlam and later as an advisor to former NSW Premier Bob Carr. Latham also had a run as mayor of Liverpool during the late 80s. Latham would quickly become defined by his aggressive and hateful demeanour within politics, notably for his schoolyard name calling of political opponents.

In the early 2000s, Latham beat his hated political rival Kim Beasley for the leadership of the Labor Party to become head of the opposition to the Howard government. As head of the ALP, Latham was known for riding populist sentiment against the neo conservative war in Iraq, claiming he intended to pull out Australian troops if he was elected. He was also renowned for his violent temperament, known for assaulting former PM John Howard in a handshake as well as assaulting a cab driver over a fare dispute, breaking his arm. Wow.

I am not a crook

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Despite running a popular campaign against the Liberal government, Latham and the ALP were defeated in the 2004 election. The failure of Latham as leader of the opposition would lead to his resignation. After leaving politics, Latham became embittered and highly unpredictable. Whilst working as a reporter for 60 Minutes he aggressively confronted former Prime Ministers Julia Gillard & Tony Abbott, attacking Abbott for his role in imprisoning Pauline Hanson and Gillard for her failure to limit immigration into Australia.

Latham’s politics have continued to swell further to the right, as he has become  emboldened by the amount of controversy he can engender. His sensationalist tactics have worked to validate his presence in the public sphere, which would otherwise lead him to fade into obscurity like the rest of his deceitful political class. Targets of Latham in recent years are predominantly respected professional women that express feminist views.

Latham took aim at the 2015 Australian of the Year winner and anti domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty. After Batty stated domestic violence had become an epidemic, Latham launched into a rage, claiming that domestic violence was a “tool of the feminist left” and “a coping mechanism for men”. More maliciously he claimed Batty, (who’s son was killed by her husband in a domestic violence incident) was “exploiting her own tragedy to prove a point against men.” He also accused her (without proof) of embezzling money from her anti domestic violence organisation. Latham attacked journalist Lisa Pryor for being an “inner city feminist who hates children”. Pryor successfully sued Latham for defamation. Latham has also attacked transgender army officer Cate McGregor, unleashing trasphobic slurs upon her.

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When not about picking a fight with determined independent women, he is out assaulting photographers or his son’s friend’s dads at the cricket. This contrarian crusader demonstrates his insecurity almost daily in his ridiculously juvenile comments and slanders. Latham has currently reborn himself as a supporter of the Donald Trump bandwagon in the campaign against “political correctness”. He has teamed up with former sparring partner turned fellow traveller Ross Cameron and Rowan Dean to launch the conservative pro Trump program The Outsiders, which aired in late 2016. So lets get this straight. A former Liberal MP, former head of opposition and multi millionaire marketing business owner are outsiders? Alright mate.

Tragedy struck a familiar cord once again in Lathamville when he was sacked from Sky News’s The Outsiders program only three months after the show went to air. He lost his position on his program with his two little mates for what reason? This time, Latham’s target was not professional adults but a high school student. What warranted his attack? A group of students at Sydney Boys High made a video on International Women’s Day voicing support for feminism and against negative stereotyping of women in the workplace. A furious Latham elbowed his way into the media spotlight to call the students “dickheads” and “gay”. He certainly isn’t the most dignified personality in the media.

Like a wounded animal, Latham took to the streets, limping around in search of his dignity and next victim. Going independent with  Mark Latham’s Outsiders he went onto the streets of South West Sydney, targeting Fairfield and Liverpool. This time, migrants were in his sights as he went around towering over people and picking on them for their lack of English language skills. Latham concluded that it means that no one can speak English. Or maybe it’s just that they don’t want to talk to you, dickhead.

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It is increasingly evident that the man’s self-confidence and very identity has been eroded, as he appears to have never fully recovered from the loss of the election. In his quest for infamy and political sanctuary, Latham & Cameron addressed the annual Freidman Conference on the 28th of April at Sydney’s University of Technology. The event (named after Pinochet’s economist Milton Freidman) was organised by the Australian Libertarian Society & the shadowy Australian Taxpayers Alliance. He found the whole experience so riveting that he would seek political refuge in the Liberal Democrats, joining the party after the conference. What reason did the former Labor leader give for joining the Lib Dems? Well, they were the first group that didn’t kick him out.

If you’re thinking it cant get worse for poor old Mark, well you’re wrong. In early June, Latham announced that he would combine his Mark Latham’s Outsiders with the Canadian far right media website Rebel Media. Rebel Media is notorious as being one of the most prominent mouthpieces of the American alt right, providing platforms to white nationalists and others on the fringe right. In one of Mark’s first shows he speaks with English Rebel contributor Tommy Robinson, the founder and former leader of the thuggish anti Islam group English Defence League. Latham was too quick to praise Robinson for his “work” as the two swapped sob stories about political correctness and Islam.

Latham with Robinson

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The now notoriously cantankerous Mark Latham’s bigoted activity has earned him the attention of those in the big league, earning a column in The Daily Telegraph amongst Murdoch’s ranks of crypto fascist arch Tory hatchet men. In early August he turned up at the Martin Place Tent City to harrass and pick on yet another easy target, the homeless. He stuck his big ugly head in for less than two minutes to criticise the good conditions of the tents, calling the homeless residents “middle class gentrifiers” for sleeping in tents and operating a volunteer kitchen. He retreated to a nearby train station to film an unconscious homless man on the street, falsely claiming him to have been “left behind” by the camp.

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Latham’s obnoxious digs, whether they be school kids, the homeless or those supporting Same Sex Marriage, remain transparent in his childish behaviour reviling a man undone. Latham might seem to have bigger problems ahead as he has hitched his wagon with a potentially dying horse. Rebel Media is the undisputed king of fake news (rivalled only by Infowars) noted for spreading false information through public stunts palmed off as journalism. Although initially it was suspected that the motivation was to promote a far right political agenda, it seems that maybe there is a much more logical and simpler answer.

Several of the Rebel’s high profile commentators have defected from the entity and in a series of videos, exposed it for being a fraudulent company set on swindling dollars and dimes from their gullible supporters. Its founder Ezra Levant was accused by former UK contributor Caolan Robertson accusing the so called free speech champion network of censorship, unreputable conduct, fraud, slander and offering thousands in hush money accompanied with non disclosure statements to those who found this out. Fundraising scams were “the Rebel makes more than enough money from its shows to cover its costs, and even makes more from backers on top of that”. Robertson alleged it was doing this by creating fake petitions to obtain email addresses for crowdfunding campaigns. Nice new mates you have their Mark.

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In an effort to live up to his self applied moniker “the most politically incorrect show in Australia” he gave neo Nazi Chris Shortis a platform on his Outsiders. Shortis was interviewed by Latham who provided legitimacy to his legal plight in defence of free speech, knowing full well of Shortis’s political views & allegiances. He also helped them cultivate a poorly constructed image of them being persecuted dissidents rather than bigoted idiots.