Mark McDonald

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AKA Tyler Winchester, is a New Zealand born Sydney based neo-Nazi activist. McDonald was a former member of the Australia First Party, where he befriended Ross “the Skull” May. The two would go on to found a small neo-Nazi group called Squadron 88, which would remain close to the Australia First Party, continuing to attend their events and act as a kind of security force for their rallies. McDonald was seen close to AFP leader Jim Saleam during the Golden Dawn solidarity meetings, their 2014 meeting against Asian students, the anti-Mosque rallies in Penrith, and Reclaim Australia. He also organised an anti Semitic letter box drop in the predominantly Jewish suburb of Bondi.

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(Jim Saleam, Mark McDonald & Robert Edhouse)

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(McDonald at PfF rally against the Chinese consulate in Camperdown)

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(McDonald & co at Penrith anti mosque rally)

As official leader of S88, McDonald made efforts to become involved in the Protect Penrith Action Group and its campaign against the Kemps Creek Islamic centre. McDonald and his S88 mates were denounced as provocateurs by former führer Saleam in a preemptive effort to disassociate himself from his Nazi bonehead pals, once again. As a result, McDonald is now chummy with Nick Folkes and members of his Party for Freedom, currently residing at the house of one of its members. He is a close friend of Howard Crawford, a former AFP member and current Liberal Party politician working under Marcus Cornish and his anti mosque campaign in Penrith.

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(McDonald with the Skull)

These two lovebirds were unceremoniously kicked off the bus on the way to Reclaim Australia in Melbourne for chanting Nazi slogans in front of ABC journalists.

After over a year in hiding in shame following the humiliating collapse of his Nazi gang S88, McDonald made an appearance at the Party for Freedom rally in Penrith on the 28th of May. Joined by a several members of the former Squadron 88 he confronted a group of anti fascists at the train station and in classic S88 style, pretended to instigate a confrontation whilst standing next to the police and media cameras.

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McDonald in Penrith

Marky Mark and his not so funky Nazi bunch have been thrown under the bus by their former colleagues at Australia First, who viciously denounced them of being nothing short of state funded Nazi provocateurs invented to discredit the tremendous efforts of the AFP. He has taken up the role of being a bovver boy at Party for Freedom rallies, seeing as their the only game in town for an aspiring Nazi thug. Several of the AFAS team also strongly suspect McDonald to have been behind the Aussie Nationalists, a crappy WordPress that conducted a racist poster run on the 10th of July inciting racial hatred against Asians, Africans and Arab peoples as well as promoting Party for Freedom events.

Aussie Nationalist posters

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Mark and his small crowd of Nazi bogans have gone full boar at their efforts to infiltrate and control the Party for Freedom. It has gotten so sad that even Toby Cook, former protege of Nick Folkes, has taken on a new role model, wearing the same clothes and sporting the same haircut as McDonald. Lol, still not white enough Tobes.

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