Matt Lowe

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A far right activist from Bankstown, Sydney. Lowe is nobody terribly important, just another bloke associated with the shrinking elements of the patriot movement in Sydney. He worked as the secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union and currently as a manager of Rand Refrigerated Logistics.

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Lowe hung around with Nick Folkes and his Party for Freedom before coming to realise the extent of their impotency. When the PfF organised rally out the front of the ABC studio in support of Pauline Hanson, Lowe sucked up to Shermon Burgess, who appointed him to head Australian Settlers Rebellion in Sydney, since Ralph split. The poor bugger must be very lonely these days.

Not more than a week since joining the ASRe circus, Lowe decided to call it quits. He has since cozied back up to the local clown outfit Party for Freedom, where he has emerged as a visible and active member. He regularly speaks at their rallies and participates in the group’s abusive media stunts, notably their raid on the Gosford Anglican Church to intimidate their congregation.

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Lowe appears to be a sad and slightly disturbed individual with unresolved anger issues. He is constantly hurling abuse and threats of violence online at people he disagrees with.

As it turns out, Lowe is the PfF resident rat. After naturally feeling disheartened with the Party for Freedom, he decided to hand us over some intel on the group. Before we would have a chance to respond he thought the better of it and ate his words. I guess there is a weak link in the peanut shells.

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