Matthew Grant

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AKA M. Grant is a mysterious neo Nazi from Canberra. Grant, a self described Scottish Presbyterian(?) prides himself as a intellectual of the white nationalist movement. He is a contributor to the white supremacist editorial The New Observer. Grant linked up with Canberra Reclaim Australia organiser Dan Evans to organise the PEGIDA rally, that took place in Feb 2016. Bit odd for nationalists and patriots to be swapping numbers, isn’t it?

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Evans and Grant

Grant self identifies as a Christian nationalist, most likely an attempt to align himself with infamous American anti Semite Gerald K Smith, who coined the term. This is basically a revisionist (white supremacist) form of Christianity that claims that Jesus was not a Jew and that a Christian state must be formed in the stead of secularism, for Christians only. He gained a small amount of attention when he spoke at the UPF Bendigo rally on 10/10/15. They have however tried to keep his stage presence there hush hush, seeing as it’s not politically savvy for the UPF to share a platform with a blatant neo Nazi.

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Grant is the leader of a small online neo Nazi group that calls itself Generation: Tradition. Grant describes this group as a nationalist fraternity of young people. I guess the Adolf Hitler speeches are just for show then. Grant was interviewed by the Australian edition of The Daily Stormer where he explained his interest to move to rural NSW to create nationally liberated zones, kick out all non whites and fortify the country from foreigners. His online material is closely associated with the AFP and WLT.

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Seems like he likes to dress up like his heroes, racist serial killers!

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Just joking, only random psychos who throw acid on mixed race couples

Other pet hates of Grant include homosexuals, race mixing and Melburnian’s. Yea that last one is correct, though we have no idea wtf he is on about. This unique form of tribalist fascism has led him to be exposed as the operator of the neo Nazi FB troll page Abhorrent Australian Memes. Derp.

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This idiot has since become fully immersed in the activities of the Australia First Party. Grant was since appointed as national leader of the Eureka Youth League, the AFP’s non existent youth wing. Gee, thanks Jim! He has put much effort into organising this group on Facebook, but appears to be struggling a bit. It is also likely that Grant has been added to the contributors of neo Nazi website United Nationalists Australia.

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