Michael Voysey

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Voysey is a redneck idiot with a webcam. This dense fella appeared following the first Reclaim Australia as an eager little beaver keen to jump in Shermie‘s little shoes and into the spotlight. He went on to become one of the most active video representatives for the rallies. His videos often contain draining rants against “da media” “lefty traitors” and “muslims. All things this man knows NOTHING about. The goose has gone so far as to support violence against Muslims,  applauding an arson attack on a Mosque in Toowoomba.

Voysey has continued his publishing of far right anti Islamic propaganda in his typical style, trying to be as offensive to Muslims as he can. On his page which he calls Voysey the Voice 2, he has upped the anti on his hate speech and attacks on opponents of the so called patriot movement. He attended the rally in Perth on July 19th, which, funnily enough, was the only rally EVER that this brave patriot has ever gone to; confessing to his mates that he was too afraid to face the “lefties”.

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(Voysey in centre)

Voysey has recently engaged in a bitter feud with rival patriot Facebook personalities, targeting Shermon Burgess and the UPF. Voysey denounced GAP as a attention seeking “chest beating monkey” who is ruining the movement. He announced his support for rival groups Reclaim Australia and the PDLA before dropping out of activism all together. Another one bites the dust.

Voysey has since returned to… well, Facebook at least, where he continues to bash his rivals. He has taken particular aim at Shermon,  calling him out for his Go Fund Me scam. In less than a week, Voysey, for the fifth time, has publicly announced quitting the movement. Literally. How fucking pathetic.