Michele Renouf

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Renouf is an Australian British model and anti Semite activist. Renouf has worked over the years as a model and an actress in TV commercials. She is currently based in England. Aside from socialising with aristocracy, Renouf is a firm anti Jewish activist, being closely associated with historical revisionists and Holocaust deniers, herself doubting the existence of the Final Solution.

Renouf is involved in funding and supporting outspoken Holocaust deniers, noted for organising legal defences for them. Over the years she has worked closely with an array of far right organisations including: the British National Party, Institute of Historical Review, National Democratic Party of Germany, American Free Press and the Adelaide Institute. She also attends the annual anti Semitic Iranian conference the International Conference to Review the Global Vision of the Holocaust.

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(Renouf addressing neo Nazi group British Peoples Party)

She has been a close collaborator and defender of David Irving (British historian & Holocaust denier), Ernst Zundel (Canadian based Holocaust denier & neo Nazi), David Duke (leading American white supremacist), Robert Faurisson (French Holocaust denier), Richard Williamson (Catholic extremist bishop & revisionist) and Gerald Fredrick Toben.