Mike Holt

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Mr Holt is a far right politician and activist. Holt has entered politics of the back of his military service, serving in the Vietnam War. Holt entered into far right politics through the nationalist party One Nation. He stood as the One Nation candidate in the Sunshine Coast during the 2013 federal election against Campbell Newman’s Liberal National Party.

He is an outspoken supporter and organiser of grassroots anti Muslim campaigns that have targeted: halal certification, the development of mosques and the wearing of the burqa. He was involved in the opposition to the development of the Bendigo mosque. Holt joined and now serves as the CEO of the far right Islamopobic group Restore Australia. The man is known for distributing anti halal stickers online on his website.


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Holt, after having a pretty serious falling out with the United Patriots Front leader Shermon Burgess, briefly left the Reclaim movement. He has finally rejoined the Reclaim Australia movement as a key note speaker at the Melbourne July 18th rally.

Holt has found himself at the centre of MORE far right sectarianism, this time, against the Nazis. He became a target of the Australia First Party and their almost invisible neo Nazi smear machine WLT for all the typical reasons: his pro Israel positions, being a close friend to AFP traitor Howard Crawford, and most damningly for having an Asian wife. See below:


Holt and his Restore Australia group have pretty much kept to themselves. An exception being Holt sticking his neck out to fend off neo Nazis for labelling him a race traitor due to his having an Asian wife. That being said, its pretty evident the bloke is absolutely bonkers.

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