Mitchell Kenneth

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Kenneth is one of the few members of the Party for Freedom under the age of 60. He is usually seen by the side of Nick Folkes at protests, holding his megaphone for him during those long and emotionally volatile rants. Kenneth, despite his large stature and interest in body building, is a useless bodyguard, always on the back foot.

Sorta creepy shit Mitch is into:

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When PfF were chased out of Belmore Park twice on the 27th of June, their members got mad and attempted to incite violence and assault anti-fascists. The six foot something body builder didn’t lift a finger, opting instead to hide behind Nick’s ute and play with his iPhone.

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(Ralph, George Jameson, Mitch and James Sternhill)

This coward can be noticed at all PfF rallies acting as a sort of bovver boy for Folkes but DO NOT BE FOOLED by his physique and stature. He is more cowardly than the rest of their members who at least have tried to defend their pride in the past.