Monika Evers

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Evers is a Melbourne based Islamophobic activist and self proclaimed businesswoman. Evers became involved in the Reclaim Australia movement, working as an administrator on one of its main pages. Evers, who is known for her personal Christian fundamentalist positions, began blocking people on the page for expressing atheist or even non Christian sentiments. Other’s she blocked were people bragging of committing violence, threatening and swearing on the page. As a result, Evers entered into a highly turbulent feud with RA founder Shermon Burgess which would result in the RA/UPF split.

Evers also involved herself in the struggle against the development of the Bendigo mosque. She worked as one of the most senior “behind the scenes” figures, co-administrating the Stop the Mosque in Bendigo Facebook page, where she worked closely with Restore Australia in fundraising to block the mosque development.

Evers remains one of the figurehead leaders of the Reclaim Australia movement.