Morgan Qasabian

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An ultra conservative student from Castle Hill, Sydney. Qasabian is a student and the University of Sydney doing an undergraduate in philosophy. This wannabee bougious wanker from the North West is a devout monarchist and a founding member of the tiny Sydney Traditionalists, writing meaningless reactionary garbage for them occasionally.

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Qasabian also turns out to be a bit of a racist. He has been around the extreme right in Sydney for quite some time on the fringes of the movement as a member of the Western Sydney hard right faction of the Liberal Party. In 2009 he joined the Humanist Society as apart of an attempted extreme right faction known as the Public Information Forum which attempted an infiltration of the group. He also seems to be abit of a fan of Nazi music too.


He turned up in support of a rally against the development of an Islamic centre in Penrith. The rally was organised by the Protect Penrith Action Group, made up of shady elemets such as the Party for Freedom, Australia First and the neo Nazi Squadron 88.

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Qasabian and a handful of his mates turned up at Sydney Uni on the night of the election of Donald Trump dressed in Make America Great Again hats. Qasabian who was accompanied by his mate David McBryde were filmed screaming “grab the pussy” at women in the Manning student bar.

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Morgan with fellow bigots at Sydney Uni’s Manning Bar