Nathan Sykes

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Nathan Sykes is a neo Nazi internet troll and activist. Sykes is based in the Sydney’s Inner West suburb Enmore. Sykes is a prominent member of the Australia First Party, being a close associate of their party leader Jim Saleam, often being considered as both his right hand man and second in command of the party.

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Sykes is a committed neo Nazi and is active on several online pages, posting under the pseudonym Hamish Patton on The Daily Stormer, The Great Australian Bite in Stormfront and is a regular contributor and leading author at Whitelaw Towers.

Type of filth posted on this parasite’s page:

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He is noted for posting the most vile forms of racist, anti Semitic and blatant Nazi bullshit available over the internet. He also attempts to share information on anti fascist activists in an effort to intimidate or harm them, and was in regular contact with the likes of the UPF.

Sykes is the founder and chief editor of the quasi intellectual neo Nazi media outpost United Nationalists Australia, which is active on both social media and WordPress. UNA carries on the now defunct WLT role, acting as a dirty page for the AFP. Through this page, Sykes and his various and potentially imaginary collaborators are behind a AFP driven initiative to draw a wedge in Australia’s self described patriot movement by discrediting those that are not overtly anti Semitic and/or white supremacist enough for his liking. UNA justifies their contempt for individuals and groups on the basis of support for Israel, race mixing and not being ideologically subservient to their farcical page.

Sykes was present in Enmore on November 14th 2015 when the obnoxious drunk  Ralph Cerminara turned up to the Anarchist Black Rose Bookshop to intimidate and threaten volunteers. Sykes greeted Ralph and proceeded to film the encounter, posting it later on Youtube and his WLT blog, where he proceeded to run Ralph into the ground for being a race mixing zio-patriot. He didn’t however confront him face to face at the time, as actual confrontation just isnt Natty’s style.

The fact that Nathan Sykes is one of Australia’s most prolific online Nazis turns out to be quite ironic. It was revealed by former neo Nazi and associate Neil Erikson that Sykes was a self-hating closet Jew. Syke’s own repressed pathological hatred for himself and his own people provides a great explanation to his bizarre and petty beliefs. It also speaks volumes to the credibility of the Australia First Party and the broader neo Nazi movement. You really can’t make this shit up. 

The above video highlights the disturbing psychological profile of a deranged Jewish Nazi who exercises his demons through collecting Nazi dolls and plastic bunkers in his bedroom whilst playing dress ups. The viewer is left with a disconcerting feeling as to the mans mental stability as well as a sense of true schadenfreude in Sykes believing that the video would leave the viewer thinking anything other than this guy is a sad little creep. 

Sykes can often be seen scurrying about on Enmore road, avoiding eye contact from those he vehemently attacks online including queer people, people of colour, lefties and Muslims. He is responsible for several Australia First, UNA and Combat 18 stickers placed around Enmore & Newtown.

 Sykes rubbish disposal:

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Sykes with fellow AFP member & UNA editor Chris Shortis

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