Nationalist Alternative

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The NA is a neo fascist youth orientated organisation active almost exclusively in Victoria. It was established in 2009 by a collective of neo Nazis in Melbourne that identity with the Third Position revolutionary nationalist tendency in the neo fascist movement.  NAlt have often been described as a think tank/ front group for the Australia First Party and organise closely with its Victorian chapter. They were also closely associated with the National Anarchist group in Sydney.

They are mostly active in universities, distributing leaflets and propaganda relating to anti Zionist/ anti Semitic nationalistic positions with the hope of converting young students to far right radicalism. Banner drops and leafleting are common play for this group as well as maintaining an online presence and trying to disrupt left wing rallies. Once.

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Members of the NA mimic the image to that used by the Autonomous Nationalists in Germany, the countries largest wing of the neo Nazi movement. It self identifies as a rival of socialist student groups, in particular the Socialist Alternative. The NA suffered a split in 2014, resulting in the formation of the Nationalist Republican Guard.

(NA propaganda of them briefly disrupting a leftist rally)

On account of disgruntled Nazi and former NA member Neil Erikson, super-patriot Blair Cottrell was exposed as an active member of this group. It was also revealed that NA played a prominent role in organising the first Reclaim Australia rallies and later for the UPF, raising funds to purchase flags and conduct rallies. Erikson stated that NA through both Cottrell and himself had planned a neo Nazi infiltration of the so called patriot movement, using RA and the UPF as a front. Nice try guys, srsly.

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The location for their meeting space was leaked by Erikson, residing at 146 Toorak Road in Melbourne’s ritzy South Yarra. The building (pictured above) seems to act as a functionary centre for shadowy far right organisations, namely the Royal Society of St George, the British Australian Community and the English Speaking Union of Victoria. All suspiciously sounding ultra conservative organisations.

NAlt members

Rupert: described by Neil Erikson as “nerd” and the current leader of NAlt

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Neil Erikson, Dan Newman, Richard Whelan, Gareth Sansom

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Christopher “Chris” Cottrell: Brother of Blair Cottrell

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Jason Charles- NAlt member who appeared on a Dr Phil episode where he professed his proud application of “slut shaming” to describe women who wear revealing clothing.

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Prominent Figures 

Mark Hootsen

Neil Erikson

Blair Cottrell

Richard Whelan

Fergus Hunt