Nationalist Republican Guard

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A small neo Nazi group based in Melbourne. It was founded in 2014 as a splinter from the Nationalist Alternative. It was formed by former leading NA member Neil Erikson. The NRG have maintained the NA’s autonomous nationalist image.

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(Neil Erikson on left, person on centre right used to post under the FB profile Ritchie Rich where he was active in inciting racial hate and being overly chummy with fellows on the Australia First Party page)

The NRG put in a lot of effort online, producing bizarre propaganda videos in an attempt at humour. The group was a prominent promoter of Shermon Burgess and the Reclaim Australia rallies, engaging in the violence there. The group have attempted to launch a laughable documentary called The Hunt for Andy Fleming/ Slackbastard. Lol.

Since the formation of the United Patriots Front, the group goes by the name NRGVid/ NRG Prop that acts as the official propaganda wing of the UPF.

(Example of weird NRG videos)

Prominent Figures

Neil Erikson

Richard Whelan