Neil Erikson

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A Melbourne based far right agitator and nationalist activist. Erikson claims to have been a committed Hitlerite since he was 15, being active within several white power skinhead groups. He first came to attention for death threatening a Jewish rabbi in Melbourne. He was charged for racial harassment but was given a non custodial sentence. I guess ZOG cut him a break. Erikson was a prominent member of the the Nationalist Alternative and a key functionary in Australia’s neo Nazi movement. He was involved in organising Melbourne’s chapter of Blood & Honour.

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(Erikson centre moshing at underground neo Nazi concert.)

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(Erikson with local C18 mates)

Erikson founded his own small and short lived white supremacist group called the European Australian Civil Rights League which was never active offline. He would leave the Nationalist Alternative in 2014 to form his own splinter group the Nationalist Republican Guard, a small group of former NA activists. They were active in producing propaganda videos on behalf of GAP and the Reclaim Australia rallies, who Erikson befriended, and has since become his closest political ally.

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(Erikson featured with leading Canadian white supremacist Paul Fromm)

Erikson became the most loyal devotee and propagandist for Shermon Burgess through his Youtube channel NRG Prop, which is mainly just chopped footage from Reclaim rallies and tough talking blokes in tank tops dubbed with a dramatic score. Erikson has tried to follow the example of distancing himself from Nazism by denouncing his former Nazi comrades in the hope of remaining one of the leading respectable faces of the newly formed United Patriots Front, but he still slips up.

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(Erikson with his idiot mate Linden Watson of the UPF)

Anyone else notice the symbols on the stickers they have put all over themselves? Well, this is it a bit closer, a white power celtic cross symbol in front of a Nazi Swastika flag. Not Nazi aye?

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 7.20.02 pm

With Shermon as UPF leader and Blair Cottrell as Melbourne UPF leader, Erikson seems to be left without an official title, just the bloke that hangs around with a ciggie in his mouth going “hey patriots how yas goin? this is straya! ozzie ozzie ozzie!. cauz I’m fully sick cuz aye!.”

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I guess all his brown nosing has allowed his loyalty to surpass his uselessness because otherwise he’s dead weight. No dog like a loyal dog. He can usually be found making weird second long videos, usually of him drunk and half stoned fumbling around trying to scrape down anti fascist posters with no luck. At rallies he is usually WAY up the back with his expensive camera standing behind the police lines. The fuckwit went as far as too mock the death of a 16 year old Spanish anti fascist Carlos Javier Palomino who was stabbed to death by a neo Nazi in his 30s. Come on, thats just piss-weak champ.

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(Erikson and UPF drunk Kiwi Paul Greenfield)

Aside from taking selfies of himself goose stepping and typing in “dramatic music” in Google for creative inspiration for his videos, Neil has been a little, lets say, confused. Following the day long split within the UPF, Neil was left orphaned from his self confessed sexual attraction to Nazi Blair Cottrell and his loyalty to UPF founder Shermon Burgess. After this distressing news, Neil raised his intention to “get shit faced and burn a couple of pigs heads”, as you do. Since the split was engineered by police informants and the politically correct elite, I guess Neil is in luck as the UPF remains one happy family. No dog like a loyal dog.

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(Neil ‘i have camera’ Erikson at the Canberra PEGIDA rally)

Since leaving/ being kicked out of the UPF, Neil has very much gone solo, working on his crackhead videos via his FB page where he gets to talk about how bad da left wing is bro. He started up the neo fascist group Generation Identity, named after its French pan European movement, in which he says “forget all that shit i said about masking up being bad patriots, because ah, we do it now”. The old pisshead has again teamed up with Shermon and Ralph Cerminara to start agitating fights and schisms within the patriot movement. Neil would go on to make a video where he admitted to being a neo Nazi from the Nationalist Alternative attempting to hijack the patriot/ Reclaim movement. Now that he is no longer a Nazi, he has since gone on to denounce and oppose his former NA mates, Tom Sewell and his old mate Blair Cottrell, who he declares is a full blown Nazi. Wow, how times have changed mate!

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 4.25.03 am.png


The former brickheaded aryan agitator has gone full bore at Australia’s neo Nazi movement, targeting his former mates in the UPF, AFP, RWR, NA and WLT, ratting them out and exposing their connections to Blair. Neil claims to do this as apart of his civic duty to the patriot movement. What an honourable guy he is. After ratting out all his rivals and calling them all “faggots” he still finds time to post white supremacist garbage.

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When not self promoting, Neil has been busy splintering and single handedly destroying the Australian far right. He and Shermie went ahead and formed the UPF splinter group Australian Patriot Army, vowing to clean out Nazis from the patriot movement. After a few days Neil suspended his FB account and abandoned his APA project, leaving whatever supporters he would have had hanging in the wind, a trend that would soon set Neil apart from all the rest.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.28.06 pm.png

(That awkward moment when you realise you fucked everything up)

Neil and Shermie have gone on to form their own group which they have called UPF Originals. No shit. Old mates rationale is that HE and Shermon started the UPF not Blair so they wish to reform it in their image. After they cut ties with the “Nazi” organisation and gaining not very much traction or facebook likes, Neil has announced his intention to focus on “conspiracy theories”. Get ready patriots, Neil has created, where you can hear about the New World Order, the Illuminati, UFO’s, Cultural Marxism, the Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, government child sex grooming and how to make a tin foil hat with an IQ of less than 40. I guess he sees himself as Australia’s answer to Alex Jones and his Infowars, knowing that idiotic patriots believing in secretive conspiracies relating to Islamic domination will lap that shit up.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 1.38.00 am.png

(Nazi Neil not being a Nazi)

This guy is a complete fuckwit. Call Nazi vermin like the UPF what you will, but what do you call an ex Nazi (still far right basket case) turned garden variety bigot. A “man” who sold out his former comrades, friends and essentially his entire movement because he wasn’t in charge anymore. A “man” who quit the movement after being threatened online, which is something he does to others daily, and was once charged for. A “man” who would then re-enter the movement out of fear of becoming once again irrelevant and invisible in the laughable online hate circus that is Australia’s far right.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.13.30 am.png

This pig of a man has evolved into some kind of super saiyan MRA, making his new scapegoat not Jews, not Muslims but women and queers. I guess racial and religious hatred can get a little old after a while. Problems at home bro? He stooped to an all time low when he took aim at the Safe Schools program, which is designed to prevent the bullying of LGBTQI people in schools through education. He denounced the entire program as a perverted conspiracy to turn children into “faggots”.

Looking a bit pudgy there mate

Screen Shot 2016-09-20 at 6.06.51 pm.png

In a video uploaded to his page, this vile misogynist posted a compilation video depicting and glorifying women being bashed and brutally assaulted. In a video entitled “Feminism is ruining the world” he claimed women that are victims of domestic violence deserve it, calling them “cry bullies” and “feminist cunts”, as well as calling women who have abortions child murderers. I thought you ditched the Nazi social Darwinist shit? Big words coming from a guy who named his dog Blondi, after Adolf Hitler’s pup. Guess you are a lying cunt then. How about this Neil, how about you share your opinions with the young women who fight in the ranks of the YPJ, on the front lines of Kurdistan against ISIS and the Turkish Islamo fascist government? or maybe you’ve learnt it’s about time you stopped starting fights you can’t finish.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 3.21.25 pm.png

It has got to the point where no one is paying attention to his little crack head videos. Wake up sheeple!. His online bullying campaign launched at women, queers and transgendered peoples has continued to spiral out of control. He has called Mardi Gras a festival of sexual deviancy, denounced lesbians for their very existence and linked homosexuality to pedophilia and AIDS. Wow, Neil appears to be against not just political correctness but correctness in general. As abhorrent and equally laughable these paranoid delusions are, they are not new slanders, but have existed for centuries, crowned from the back of witch burnings, Christian gatherings and the corporate media. He and his dopey mate Shermon are the latest in a long line of hate preachers and truther morons peddling shit on the net. We’ve heard it all before, its boring.

The pug faced e-brute has continued to propagate conspiracy theories. Neil has made videos spouting classical paranoid garbage about the Illuminati, free masons and anti Jewish conspiracies relating to Rockefeller and Rothschild banking families. This, coupled with the agenda of killing off difference under the order of social hegemonic dominance and conformity, a key principal of the social Darwinian political construct of National Socialism, makes one wonder if Neil is a Nazi again.  Derp.

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Well I guess we all hoped this day would come. His hateful rhetoric has finally caught up with him and he got a small taste of what he truly deserves. Neil and a mate of his decided it would be a good idea to turn up to a rally in defence of safe schools in late April with the intention of harassing and intimidating people. Armed with his trusty camera, Erikson began to film, swear and abuse people attending the demonstration. It wasnt long after that Erikson found himself on the deck with his pants around his ankles and then on the run, being protected by a line of police and two Muslim security guards inside an adjacent hotel, leaving his mate to take an unplanned nap in the middle of the road.

It is not unusual for patriots to cry victim and spit the dummy after inciting racial, religious, political or sexual violence on the streets. What is unusual is how Neil behaved. After getting in his first fight off FB and regrettably making an emotional video about the ordeal and falsely claiming he hit some bloke in Melbourne at the rally, he went home to snuggle up in his blanket fortress. The following day, Neil had a bright idea. In an attempt to ward off some of the shame about losing to a group of “skinny faggots”, he would claim that he was sexually assaulted during the fray because his pants fell down on national TV. This backfired awfully between those who knew Neil as the serial deluder that he is and those in his own far right camp that probably see rape as a good thing and Neil as a bad thing. Either way everyone’s laughing at you. Oh, and that sensation you were feeling was a boot not a finger. Up your ass.

It seems that the pressure has caught up with Neil as he has been publishing less videos. He has admitted to HeraId Sun journalist Paul Toohey that he is afraid of being in public spaces. I guess its not as easy as it seems to be Australia’s aspiring alt right fuehrer.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 6.33.57 pm.png

The stay at home patriot has continued to mock the UPF from behind a computer screen. Since first stating his war against Nazis he has not attended even ONE patriot rally. We can surmise this is out of fear if reprisals from his own camp. What else can be expected from a guy that prides himself on being the self-proclaimed “Australia’s biggest trolling cunt”.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 7.26.05 pm.png

Alright. Lets get something clear. His ongoing whinge about Nazis in the UPF could be understood if had some credible basis. The thing is, his rantings against Muslims, the left and safe schools are identical to that of the UPF, as both are talking the same shit online. Only difference is that Blair seems to have two more friends than you. Drop the righteous attitude dickhead. No one likes you. You have no pride, no honour. We have nothing but contempt for you and the rats you creep. Still a half bright fascist jerk.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 11.12.45 pm.png

Erikson and Burgess, who are becoming less relevant by the day, have launched another farcical group (the 10th in 12 months by my count) Australian Settlers Rebellion. It seems the two take it in turns to burn out while the other just shares the videos off their private pages. Neil has become less active over the last few weeks, rarely rolling out of bed to his camera to make a video calling someone a “fuck” or a “cunt”. It was reported by Shermie that Neil is currently nursing some bruises after his old boof head mate Linden turned up to his place and punched his head in. Seems there is a lot of that going on lately.

ASR inciting violence against women


Since his second beating, Erikson has been laying low in suburbia, licking his wounds from his former boofheaded mate and now UPF lapdog Linden. Still pledging his allegiance to ASR, Neil has been named head of media and Melbourne operations, a lonely job I’m sure. Regardless, Nazi Neil is back up to his old tricks. Both he and Shermie have been continually sharing propaganda of the Russian neo Nazi martial arts organisation White Rex, who are involved in training neo Nazi boneheads in martial arts, which is being used on the street against non whites and queers.

Great news from Valhalla! Erikson has finally been charged for his bigotry and incitement. Neil and a handful of his former dickhead mates from the UPF were charged in September for a little stunt they pulled outside the Bendigo council, where they staged a fake beheading. Fake blood in the form of red paint spilled out of a dummy on the footpath, resulting in Erikson and co being pinned with 4 separate charges relating to vandalising public property as well as incitement of religious and racial hatred. Erikson, in an even more hilarious development, claims to now be a political prisoner, despite the fact that he hasn’t been imprisoned nor gone to court. Hmmm. If he was a leftist he would have been carted away the second before it even happened, not a cool year later.

Utilising the various pages he controls including Ozconspiracy, and ASR, sooky boy has been out begging for money from his bewildered supporters who are struggling between their inability to grasp current events and or to give a shit. In an effort to distract himself, Erikson turned up to a retirement home to intimidate the all woman staff on account of the potential of settling refugees in the facility. Obvious hitches in the plan include the fact that staff and care givers play no role in the decision making process of the centre. I guess that didn’t matter, pig head just wanted to self promote and threaten people. Again.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 9.02.15 pm.png

Neil has been keeping up with his reputation for targeting women, trans people, refugees and the mentally ill. The big tough guy approached a group of elderly Greens volunteers operating a stall and spewed abuse of them somewhere in Melbourne. Although we find it mildly amusing when dopes like Neil and Ralph pick on soulless politician slave types, it just ends up making themselves look like dicks.

Erikson and Shermon have been trying to outdo one another for biggest prick award, announcing the launch of “purge the left” day. The idea was ripped off a movie where all laws are suspended one day of the year, allowing people to kill each other. The ASR duo encouraged the few hundred supporters of their page to go out and harass and threaten leftists and send the videos to their page.

Fuckhead also took the time out of his sad empty life to mock a young mentally ill man who regularly attends anti racist counter protests in Melbourne. Erikson mimicked the mans speech impediment before driving around on a scooter imitating disabled people. Nice work mate, saint and a scholar.


Erikson’s fragility is becoming more prevelent as the pressure of his legal situation sets in. This will be the second time he will find himself in front of a judge on racial vilification charges, firstly for Jews, now for Muslims. The foolish clown was arrested once again over Christmas for trespassing on the Eltham retirement village for a second time, filming staff on the hunt for refugees. A teary eyed Neil was shortly released into the arms of Shermon to continue to make online racist, transphobic women hating videos.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 11.04.11 pm.png

Erikson appears to have found a few new toys, including a Trump flag to make videos with now. He also seems to have figured out that he can make longer (more publishing) videos through live streaming. He is now fond of making 20-30 minute videos (whilst driving and trying to light a cigarette at the same time) where he drives about the streets of Melbourne screaming abuse at young women from his car. His most recent target has been the Sydney based indigenous band Dispossessed. Neil was pissed because the band threatened to burn an Australian flag at one of their shows. In classic Neil fashion he jumped online and encouraged his supporters to get down to the gig and disrupt it. Problem is that Neil doesn’t have any FRIENDS let alone supporters where as Dispossessed shows drew over 1000 plus despite the tiny gig space.


Erikson further vilifying muslims as “The Thick Sheik”

Old mate & his other mate at ASR Shermie attempted to manipulate a tragedy that occurred in Melbourne when some nutter on ice drove a car into a crowded intersection, killing 6 and wounding many more. Despite the fact the guy was Greek and not a Muslim, Neil and Sherm didn’t let the opportunity to waste and lied to their foolish supporters, claiming it was the work of an Islamic terrorist.

On the 6th of March the self proclaimed Bendigo 3 fronted court for a mention for their charges relating to incitement of racial & religious hatred and vandalism. A nervous Neil turned up to court dressed as a Muslim in the company of expert coz player & PfF member George Jameson. Despite his little dress up stunt, Neil appeared jittery AF, standing in a room full of his former mates who he has spent the best half of a year slagging off online. Neil who turned up with no mates at all except a clownish PfF freak bolted out of court after the mention, running straight into oncoming traffic to hail down a cab.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 8.06.31 pm.png

Camp NeilSherm have done a lot of “reorganising” of their dozens of webpages, converting the Ban Islam Party WordPress into Antifa Terror Watch. Neil seems to have taken a good few days doxing members of Socialist Alternative, who dangerously tell their members not to protect themselves against the far right. They have also renamed their brand ASR as Nationalist Uprising as well as creating a random page called Australia Day. Neil has been busy making his standard 4 videos a day, posing for weird Nazi/ Imperial Japanese styled propaganda posters and posting morbid snuff/ torture videos on FB.

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 8.14.53 pm.png

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 7.30.41 pm

As a result of both legal stress, political humiliation and general fear, Neil has done what he does best and run away, moving to Tasmania. He has since become a one man show at Nationalist Uprising after his compatriot Shermon became the very thing he used to be and now (apparently) detests: a Nazi.

Erikson & Jamo at 2nd court appearance hiding behind police. Again.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 10.39.32 pm.png

Despite his overt cowardice which is legendary even within his own movement, he claims he “runs the patriot movement”, despite the fact he isn’t welcome to even attend a rally. He also lashed out in a ranting video at Sunshine Mosque, calling Muslims “sand monkeys”. Well i guess we all knew he was a racist knob with a big mouth but on the 19th of June, took it too far even for Neil.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 11.15.12 pm.png

Following the horrific Islamophobic terrorist attack in London on the 18th of June perpetrated by Darren Osborne, Erikson took to Facebook to express sympathy for the terrorist who drove a car into a crowd of innocent worshippers at a mosque. “can you blame him?” asks a smug Erikson who in the same breath declared support for his mate and home grown far right terrorist Phil Galea, currently on trial for plotting an attack on leftists in Melbourne. “can you blame them?” yes you can you fucking knob.

His support and admiration for terrorism does not end there. Following the horrific incidents that took place at the neo Nazi Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12, Neil took to gloat on Facebook at the tragic attack that took place. A radicalised neo Nazi alt right nerd James Fields drove his car into a group of protesters, killing 32 year old Heather Heyer and injuring over 20 more. Neil thought this was too good an opportunity to have a laugh, changing his display picture to the killer with love hearts (pictured below). Erikson also made a video calling Heyer a “fat bitch” “fat pig” and saying he was surprised the car only lost a bumper after hitting her.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 8.57.39 pm.png

Erikson took full advantage of being one of the only far right activists with an active Facebook platform to promote himself during his September 4-5 court appearances. After taking to FB in the days before his appearance he promised his viewers another “something big” for before the case. This turned out to be Neil and George Jameson yelling “get a job” out of a megaphone out the front of court before his case.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 8.58.20 pm.png

Immediately after his court case and a few beers at the pub with his dim wit mates, Neil led a mob of mindless drunks into a Yarra council meeting. Present at the meeting was Stephen Jolly who the mob harassed for a minute or so with megaphone chanting before scampering. Why is it blokes like him and Ralph always take to trying to intimidate and harass elderly people anyway?

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 11.32.33 pm.png

During the Make Victoria Safe Again rally organised by Avi, Neil turned up hoping to promote himself as a co organiser, which Avi did not appear pleased about. Erikson spent most the day waddling around on his own playing with his camera close to the police. After getting significantly jealous of Avi’s spotlight (who refused Neil speech privileges), Neil and a dopey mate stumbled up to the counter rally before getting shoved off just in time for the riot cops to rescue him.

Photo from UNA

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 9.12.11 pm.png

Once again, Neil has unsurprisingly repackaged his stupidity in yet another attempt to build a support base around himself. He has launched his new group Patriot Blue, the name of the fictional far right organisation in the TV series Next Gen, a planned sequel to the iconic film Romper Stomper. Appropriating the name of a Nazi gang from a new TV show isn’t the sort of thing that is out of character for Neil and further exemplifies his lack of initiative and imagination.

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 8.27.47 pm.png

Neil and his little gang of right wing rejects targeted another council meeting in late September. Members of the copyright infringed Patriot Blue burst into a Moreland council meeting armed with blow up hands, body suits and other knick knacks to shut down a discussion on changing the date of Australia Day. In their stunt, the group deafened an elderly man who appears clearly distressed as Erikson and co shouted in megaphones in a small closed room full of predominantly elderly councillors. In classic fashion, Erikson also attempted to start up a GoFundMe for his rag tag group to bus around the country to disrupt council meetings, however it was shut down.

Erikson was at it again intimidating early council members and the local community when his crack head mob stormed Moreland city council meeting in early October. The ranting and raving was the same, only different costumes. It got awkward when a group of 5 patriots carrying a Nick Folkes styled coffin were blocked from entering the building by one security guard, resulting in a scrum type situation. Erikson also once again played victim, bullshitting his idiotic followers that he was assaulted by the Mayor but was refusing to press charges because he thought she was hot.