Nick Hunter Folkes

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Nick Folkes is a far right activist. Folkes is an outspoken Islamophobe and a critic of multiculturalism and immigration, in particular Islamic immigration. He started out as most of Australia’s modern far right did, as an arch Tory and supporter of the anti multicultural policies of John Howard. Folkes further radicalised through becoming involved with One Nation during the late 90s. He was a prominent member and leading figure in the Australian Protectionist Party, where he learned to whinge over a megaphone. He was also mentored by Canadian born and Australian based white supremacist and disgraced intellectual Drew Fraser, the two co organising the small white nationalist discussion group, the Ironback Club. Nick has also used all of Fraser’s opinions as the basis for his immigration policies.

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Folkes founded the small Islamophobic nationalist Party for Freedom, from the ashes of the APP. He developed close working relationships with the former Australian Defence League leader Ralph Cerminara and the Australia First Party. Folkes also organises Faceless, an Islamophobic protest group made up of his buddy Sergio Redegalli, AFP member Victor Waterson and fellow PfF members.

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(Lord Charles Monkton, English far right activist with Folkes)

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(Nick & Australia’s far right first lady Pauline)

In the weeks leading towards the RA rallies, Folkes entered into a bitter rivalry/ feud with organiser Shermon “Great Aussie Patriot” Burgess. The two ego hungry morons haven’t been able to put aside their fuhrer status for their common cause. Instead, he has taken to his usual Fred Phelps roadside counter demos, where he was recently turned over by anti fascists.

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Old Nick has taken to organising very frequent street side protests on an array of different issues which include: the immediate deportation of immigrants, shutting down of foreign businesses, counter protesting leftist rallies, picketing outside the court trials of anti racist activists and general provocation against Muslims. For a guy that hates Muslims so much, I have never seen someone dress up as one so much.

Folkes has gradually worked his way up the patriot ladder to become one of the most active far right activists in Sydney. That is despite his pathetically childish mannerisms, Nick has earned respectability amongst his fellow hate peers.  This could be on account of his  constant organisation of Party for Freedom events as well as the role he played in organising both opposition rallies against the development of the Penrith Islamic community centre.

(Some of Folkes little burning sessions. BTW they are serious)

Folkes has even embarked on a graphite stencil campaign. These were most likely acquired through his job working as a painter for Sydney roads. Never mind the countless thousands he has poured into his group as well as scammed off his feeble minded followers. His followers being mostly crazy old people who listen to too much 2GB & 2UE and find  that all they can do is recite things like “Islam is not a race, its a religion”, and “Halal funds terrorism,” like they are in on the worlds most intellectually superior conspiracy theory.

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Folkes and his little group were a presence at the July 19th Reclaim Australia rally with their eye throbbing placards and Spartan warrior suits, doing whatever they could to grab attention/ self promote.  PfF were also keen on spotlighting the rally, pointing out rival Jim Saleam as an anti fascist interloper, which resulted in him being thrown out. Nick met up with some anti fascists on his way home but the states thugs in pyjamas came just in time to help Nick out of a spot of bother and gave him and his entire party a lift to their cars. Nice to know where our tax money is going, free busses for Sydney’s fascists.

(Nick is a weeeeiiiiiiirrrrrdddddd  duuuuuuddddeeeee)

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Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.25.10 am              Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.22.12 am

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.22.33 am           Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 9.11.51 pm.png               Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.26.45 amScreen Shot 2015-09-18 at 12.27.22 am  Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 5.51.18 pm.png

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Since getting some boils cut out of his arse, Nick has been out of action for a few weeks. But that has not stopped him from engaging in a pre emptive online feud with Sydney fascist rival Jim Saleam prior to Reclaim 3 and his Cronulla hate fest, despite being taken to court by the local council. He addressed the third Reclaim Australia rally in fancy dress.

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(While you are resting, we won’t be)

Whilst sitting around on his hernia, Folkes has continued his attack on Jim Saleam, releasing a video of him speaking at a memorial for General Gaddafi, which was well attended by drunk and semi illiterate neo Nazis. Wide eyed with slanderous opportunism, Mr Folkes is swinging at his rivals whilst still fighting off hostile elements within the Shire who are against his proposition for a 2nd Cronulla riot. Oh and he has found out that refugees are being settled into his flashy inner city suburb of Rozelle. And he is not happy.

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Folkes has gone full steam ahead with Cronulla, teaming up with ADL cohorts Shermon Burgess and Ralph Cerminara to promote and organise it. The man seems to be growing more unhinged by the day, enjoying the stage light after playing fancy dress at Reclaim Australia 3, creating Cronulla riot memorabilia and storming Leichhardt council in protest to the settlement of refugees. But nothing is weirder than photoshopping his face onto a teenager to promote his fascist merchandise.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 1.15.44 am.png

In the weeks leading up to their celebration of the Cronulla riots, PfF have taken a beating, as he and Shermie were taken to the supreme court by the Sutherland Shire council for racial vilification against Muslims. He was later served with an injunction, which forced the daft bugger to change the event from a rally to a BBQ, allowing them to sidestep legalities via public assembly.

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(Nick in his Sundays finest at court)

Despite all this excitement, Nick ran into some car trouble the morning of his big day, when his tyres were slashed. But its ok, he just happened to pre arranged a hire car the night before. A bit suss there mate.

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Nick took to the grassy knoll for his big day/ little BBQ. After his mate Shermie was a no show, it was all on Nick to face the entire crowd of 40 blokes in tank tops, southern cross tattoos and tell them how bloody good Australia’s anti Muslim pogrom was. What a bloody flop.

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(A special boy on his special day being interviewed)

Since then Nick has been back to his usual tricks, preaching about victims of anti white violence whilst inciting violence against refugees. This time, targeting Randwick Race Course for holding a day to encourage the Chinese community to visit the course, offering a one day free entry for Chinese nationals.

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Well thats it, Nicks had enough of that. He began harassing a group of Chinese women as they were entering, and faced with a unhinged man, they called over a security guard who offered Nick if he would like to come in for free too (lol).

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A hysterical Nick later scarped when confronted by a women’s husband and retreated to a car park where he proceeded to walk on a Chinese flag. Oh yeah, doing it PfF style.

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Folkes, as you may have expected, doesn’t have a very large social circle. As a result, the bloke wanted to organise a “bogan flotilla” on Invasion Day at Gordon’s Bay. The premise being that they would show up in floaties and go for a swim. Nick got ditched and the event didn’t happen. You would think the guy would learn a lesson and stop being so creepy. Well… He then goes and throws a pool party for his neo Nazi mate Felicity Sharpe, a girl in her early 20s. Shits getting weirder…

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A giddy Folkes was the first on the scene during the night of the attack on Anarchist Black Rose Library in Newtown on the 28th of January. Eager to get in on the action, Folkes hooked up with his buddies Ralph and Dan Evans to film their version of events and drive them around for the night. Nick seems to be very cosy, tucked in bed with Ralph, Shermon and the rest of the so called patriots. Lets see how this goes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.16.10 am.png

Everyones (least) favourite creepy racist clown has now (drum roll) turned out Ralph!, denouncing him as a state agent, prostitute and festering asshole. Think we can all agree there. Folkes and his motley crew of half bread racists have since taken over the rapefugee slogan which they are using to promote their counter protest to the annual Palm Sunday refugee solidarity rally.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.03.48 am

(Nick and Toby)

The idiot faction were not looking so victorious when compared to the 4000+ that attended the refugee rally, no more than 15 turned up on their side. Flop. One of those in attendance was UPF deputy fuehrer Chris “the Thumb” Shortis who overshadowed Nick and assumed leadership of his sheep. Nick was even being ditched by one of his minders and equally braindead follower George Jameson.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.54.36 am.png

Nick and his idiot brigade made it down to Melbourne on the 5th of April to counter protest the Melbourne Halal Festival. Yeah, didn’t go to well. Nick met resistance when and he and his idiots came into contact with antifascists. As usual, brave sir Nick hid behind his followers during the fray, which left his rally in ruins and him in tears. Following the rally he was interviewed on 3AW by conservative shock jock Neil Mitchell who called Folkes an “idiot” for inciting the violence and hung up on him. Damning articles were also written about him in almost every mainstream newspaper. Ouch.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.52.35 am

The man is really holding on to this Never Give Up slogan. Nick and his speed dealers spent the weekend on overpasses pulling down Let Them Stay banners which were put up legally by locals. As useless this clown is, I must admit, it was amusing to watch him twitch and jump at everyone on the street, thinking they were a group of lefties.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.57.57 am.png

(Nice speed dealer sunnies dickhead)

Well it appears Nick doesn’t have any honest or even real friends. Because any real mate would have told him to cut out the weird photoshop shit he does. Apart from the fact that its just plain creepy, it further detracts away from any political legitimacy the man could ever ascertain. Not that we thought that could be possible. Poor bloke must have body issues.

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 1.04.29 am.png


Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 10.48.29 pm

(Not A Joke!)

Nick Folkes has thrown in his happy meal crown to vie for a Senate seat in NSW parliament. He has to run as an Independent however, as the PfF membership of ten,  is too small to register as a legitimate political party. Folksy boys platform consists of saying NO to eight political issues. In more disturbing news, he has gone as far as to appropriate the campaign sign, slogan and even hair cut of American fascist candidate Donald Trump. Aside from it being the most pathetic thing I’ve ever heard of and even reflective of the originality of his ideas, I’m pretty sure copyright is illegal.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 6.03.14 pm.png

Folkes’s fat head hit the news in May when his house was raided by police for allegedly making a hoax bomb threat at Town Hall. The caller of the bomb threat shouted “Allah Akbar” before hanging up and fleeing the scene. Folkes was the top suspect and subsequently the centre of a police investigation, something he saw as an outrage. But is it really such a far stretch? The man who harbours a pathological hatred for Muslims to the point that he even dresses up like one (?).  Maybe he might have a little to gain from staging an attempted terrorist attack. Go figure.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.27.42 pm.png

Its never been much of a secret that Folkes has held strong white supremacist views. I guess it has been overlooked by people within his own movement on account of his support for Israel and allowance of European zionists into his party. But in reality, there really isn’t much separating this weasel from the “Nazis” he claims to detest so much. See above, Nick and his pet elephant are proudly displaying a confederate flag, a symbol for those who fought in the American Civil War for the right to own slaves. The symbol today is used by those that wish to emulate this racist history, claimed by groups like the Ku Klux Klan and the global neo Nazi movement. I guess this doesn’t bother Nick too much.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.35.15 pm.png

(Nick short of a couple of bucks at the laundromat)

Irony was not lost when the PfF turned up in Blacktown on the 5th of June calling for the deportation of Africans from Australia and Nick started chanting his old favourite “tell us about the race” (intended for anti Islamophobic activists). It seems Nick doesn’t think that calling for all Africans to be deported because of the actions of a criminal gang is racist. We think he needs to spend less time on a megaphone and more time (or any time) reading a dictionary.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 3.43.31 pm.png

Folkes has made his funniest claim yet. After paying hundreds of dollars on custom printed campaign placards, screwing them into electrical poles in the inner west and lobbying all 20 of his mates to vote for him, it turns out he doesn’t want to run in the election anymore. Lets take a closer look.

It is obvious insofar that PfF being a micro cult of 20 members couldn’t register as a legitimate party, leaving his only option to run as an independent. We would surmise that we know why he didn’t “want” to run anymore. It could be that he needed 500 signatures. Poor old Folksy doesn’t even know that many people. It could be his complete lack of a coherent platform. Or it could be that his plagiarised and illegal campaign made him feel ashamed for looking like Trumps genetically challenged second cousin. All this is conjecture. I believe that the answer is much more simple. I think Folkes lacks a general ability not only to articulate his own views and organise a movement of 15 people; but also to complete, comprehend and submit the necessary paper work to run as a candidate in a election. What else can you say about a bloke that can’t even spell his own name.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.06.25 pm.png

(Stop the Flokes, i mean boats!)

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 6.08.05 pm.png

Folkes turned up in Chippendale on the 15th of June to speak at the Humanist Society about patriotic activism. Sadly, he never made it. After loitering for a brief period on broadway, he and his collection of rag tag followers were chased away from the event and then prevented entry to the venue. He also had his back up venue gate crashed by anti fascists. Tough break.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 5.36.01 pm.png

Nick was so excited about the Brexit results he dressed up his monkey in a party hat and claimed on Facebook ‘Hail Victory’, which translates in German as sieg heil. Go figure. He and his PfF organised a welcome back Pauline Hanson demonstration outside ABC studios during her appearance on Q&A. PfF, along with Ralph and Sherman hung around for about half an hour before splitting.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 12.45.37 am.png

(Folkes and co skipping out of Arts and Crafts early)

Aside from that, Folkesy has been beside himself as he has another little party coming up. A Trump themed party to take place on the 31st of July in Penrith, right near his mate Jamo’s place. At one point they started filming a group of youths in the park who were obviously confused by the strange gathering of fully grown adults prancing around in costumes and Trump flags. Ten minutes after the youths appeared to have left, Folkesy and co pretended to charge at an invisible Antifa gathering. Sad thing is, no one was even there.

 Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 12.42.54 am.png

Folkes is a compromised man. He seems to have forgiven Ralph, a bloke he once called a state agent and the festering asshole of the patriot movement.  Folkes has even squeezed in time to have a dig at Pokemon Go, insulting the youngsters who take joy in the game. I guess the Party for Freedom are just a front for the fun police.

On the 14th of August, PfF entered the Gosford Anglican Church and disrupted their Sunday mass with a megaphone blasting the Muslim call to prayer. The stunt, devised by Folkes, was intended to serve two purposes: 1. To intimidate those attending the church, which is known for preaching tolerance and 2. To grab some cheap and easy media attention. Folkes was successful as he managed to appear on The Project as well as being interviewed by right wing shock jocks Andrew Bolt and John Laws respectively. Despite both Laws and Bolt saying they agree with his message (he just shouldn’t pick on white Christians); they made a mockery of the 47 year old man for fumbling around with teenagers in costumes and picking on pensioners at mass.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 1.26.05 am

Folkes & his small gathering of bumbling idiots organised a demonstration against so called left wing violence out the front of the Downing centre in Sydney’s CBD. This was done in an attempt to intimidate three antifascists that defended the anarchist social centre Black Rose from Ralph & Dan, both seasoned provocateurs. Flokes would follow his pal Dan to Canberra for a small gathering against safe schools, which also turned out to be a flunk. He also endorsed the TBC organised rally against the settlement of a small number of refugees in a retirement village in Melbourne, managing to out creep himself.

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 3.51.07 pm.png

Folkes posing with stolen and defaced property and creepy child bride doll

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 11.49.10 pm.png

Folkes with doll heads made by the AFP

Folkes made a complete git of himself again in a self recorded video of him and side show Toby being pulled over by cops on the way to do a stunt to promote the upcoming anti refugee rally in Eltham. The two were appropriately dressed in their traditional clown attire and were shitting bricks. Luckily for them they weren’t in the outer suburbs and the cops saw they were white, Nick at least.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 7.27.16 pm.png

Big plans seem to be on the horizon for the PfF that exceeds even the solace Battle for Eltham. Folkes announced his intention to organise another gathering in Cronulla, calling it a festival of “beer, boobs & bacon”. As evident, i think even Nicks more loyal clowns would consider keeping a distance at the thought of re witnessing the tiny drowning pool of tortured souls that attended the last BBQ.

Screen Shot 2016-12-05 at 7.29.17 pm.png

Nick speaking at Battle for Eltham anti refugee rally

It seems that Folksey is in for another world of hurt after he and Shermon are being taken to court for over 100 000 for their court costs from their 10 year Cronulla anniversary BBQ in 2015. What adds to the sting is that his most recent BBQ in Cronulla attracted less than 30 attendees. Folkes is so outraged he invented a word “lawfare” in an effort to articulate his anger.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 4.41.22 pm.png

Folkesy put his foot in it again in yet another confusing and poorly articulated 16 minute video. Despite the title of the film indicating an attack on Vic premier Dan Andrews, Folkesy, like always deviated on a little tangent. He described a group of Sudanese migrants involved in an assault in Melbourne as “Negros” and saluted the White Australia Policy (despite his wife and child being Japanese dissent) calling for migrants to get a “one way ticket back to the sandpit”. Folkes also went on to claim that:

“People from the third world can’t show respect because they come from a much lower culture, a degenerate sand pit culture with no electricity”

“We are at war with our government and third world invaders”

“Whites are better swimmers than blacks, because blacks sink”

“There is only one civilisation and that is Western civilisation others like the Indians, Chinese, Africans and Muslims haven’t created anything. If it wasn’t for the white man they would still be in darkness hanging in trees and caves”

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 11.31.05 pm.png

In a follow up video to the ridiculous one above, Folkes continued his tirade against African people. In a bazaar video referencing a isolated incident involving some teenagers on the other side of the world, Folkes went out on a whim and called those responsible for the crime Ni***rs, dropping the jaws of all who were watching in disbelief.

Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 12.30.21 am.png

Since Folksey’s swing and miss at another Cronulla riot memorial BBQ at Don Lucas Reserve, the new year hasn’t brought nick much luck. A sickly potato headed Nick took the stage at Reclaim Australia on the 29th of January for his usual spiel. A week prior to the largely PfF coordinated RA rally, Nick organised a tiny celebratory rally for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 1.09.23 am.png

Dipshit was offered a place on SBS program The Truth About Racism. And accepted. The idiot went on yet another white supremacist rant, claiming white people have a more superior culture than others. He also admitted to having little to no empathy for people of African appearance and linked them with criminal behaviour. After the program the flog claimed he was set up and manipulated by the program. Ha!

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 11.25.54 pm.png

Folkesy boy was one of many with a quivering lip when the PfF & several of his personal Facebook accounts were deleted following his rally outside Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s house on the 5th of March. Shortly after several other far right pages disappeared, which Folkes considers to be a huge injustice.

After organising a host of farcical & poorly attended rallies at Alexandria Park Community Centre (13/4/17) and picketing a Liberal Party forum in Mosman (28/4/17) He has set his sites on Penrith. Drawing a crowd of 150 people from curious locals, PfF usuals and several neo Nazis, Folkes led speeches in an effort to get his pudgy baby face in the local news outlets.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 11.44.03 pm.png

It is not the worlds best kept secret that Nick is out of his depth. This is obvious to even the most recent observer. His constant partaking in excessive alcohol & drug use at private PfF functions and after parties have provided us with a clear indication of the mans mental stability. His incompetence and lack of professionally has made him a target from more sinister characters. Circling the PfF leadership is Mark McDonald, a Sydney neo Nazi activist who has his sights set on Nick and his organisation. Nick is no stranger to Nazis or even McDonald, who he has collaborated with in the past on and off. McDonald, a former acolyte of Jim Saleam seems to be perusing an entryist strategy with the PfF and Nick, so eager to pander to his Nazism, seems to be handing him the keys.

Folkes & McDonald plotting at Newtown “Anti Antifa” rally

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 11.02.53 pm.png

It is unclear whether Folkes welcomes the Nazi boneheads as the new PfF leaders or he is being taken advantage of. Either way, seems Nick has picked a bad time to drop his meds down the sink. He is still bitter about his total flunk of a rally in Lithgow which attracted less than 40 people and was successfully sabotaged by a small group of local anti fascists, who turned up to heckle him. Folkes hasn’t wasted any time in attempting to capitalise on the horrific events in Charlottesville. In an interview with The Australian, Folkes threatened that more Nazi styled terrorism was “only to be expected” here in Australia. Seems like he has big plans on the horizon.

Folkes & his mates at PfF continue to be triggered, whether by Same Sex Marriage or some teenagers vandalisng statues of colonial murderers in Sydney’s Hyde Park. He called for several odd demonstrations to take place throughout September, including a laughable defend the statues rally. Defend from what Nick?

Nick Folkes wearing the emblem of neo Nazi group British Movement

Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 3.32.52 am.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-18 at 3.33.32 am.png

While Nick giggles online about scribbling “stop white genocide” on his voting paper during the Inner West council elections, it seems his neighbours are not laughing with him. A series of what appear to be leaflets and posters went out around Rozelle outing Nick as a racist with a handful of his bigoted comments on them. The group who signs off as Rozelle Racism Watch appear to be some form of small local based group who take issue with Folkes running a Nazi organisation in their backyard. Fair play, they have our support and adoration.


drew parallels from the american white supremacist confederate campaign  defend the statues,