Patriotic Youth League/ Eureka Youth League

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A small ultra nationalist youth group. It was founded in 2002 by the group’s leader Stuart McBeth as the official youth wing of the Australia First Party with the intention of politicising younger generations. The PYL, marginal and small in numbers are active primarily with the distribution of leaflets and posters in universities and streets with nationalistic slogans and depicting poor quality eugenics.

Despite comments from other division leaders such as Luke Connors and Andrew Wilson, the PYL have a large neo Nazi element within the group. Members of the PYL were present during the Cronulla riots, distributing the AFPs propaganda. This has led to the group’s indefinite collapse, many of its younger members going on to form the Australian chapter of Volksfront. The AFP has claimed to have revived the PYL under the title the Eureka Youth League.

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Members of the PYL with other fascists can be spotted at 0.35, 0.44, 1.10 and 1.50 in the below video, conveniently t0 the crappy tunes of British neo Nazi bonehead band Skrewdriver.

The EYL appear to have been reorganised and relaunched under a new esteem by the AFP. Now under the control of Canberra neo Nazi Matthew Grant, the EYL have announced the launch of chapters in Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Toowoomba. They are predominantly active in sharing anti semetic and anti miscegenation material. Nice.

Prominent Figures

Matthew Grant 

Stuart McBeth

Luke Connors

Jim Saleam

Andrew Wilson

Andrew “Drew” Fraser