Patriots Defence League Australia

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The PDLA is a far right nationalist organisation. It came into existence around 2014 as a splinter from the already marginal Australian Defence League. The group are primarily active online, and when I say online, I mean Facebook. Its members, one in particular who calls himself Rob Shaw, are notorious for hassling people online and posting racist rants. The most active of which is T.J Obrien.

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(Da PDLA boyz)

For the most part, it is a group of blokey looking blokes hanging around in wife beaters cooking pork-only snags and occasionally organising secretive meetings in RSL’s. It is involved in campaigns against Islamic cultural expression, targeting halal certification and the development of mosques; with several of its members being involved in acts of vandalism, violence and intimidation. The PDLA were reduced to an all time low when it claimed to be a domestic violence awareness group to further its political views. A bit much coming from a group who constantly threatens violence against women.

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On September 27 2014, PDLA members put out a call to action, attempting to organise via text a massive anti Islamic protest/ riot in Hyde Park Sydney. Problem is, no one turned up, including them. What a joke.

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Another somewhat infamous PDLA member is Aaron Dudeck, pictured above, who was convicted in 2015 for racially abusing and spitting on a Muslim man. He claims to be the leader of the group within the ACT region. The group, known for splattering pigs blood on mosques, doing racist banner drops and online intimidation, were active in organising the Reclaim Australia rallies.

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(PDLA merch left behind at Reclaim in Melbourne)

The PDLA are a sad sack of sour melons. Aside from playing a prominent role in the organisation of the RA rallies, the PDLA are a FB society of assorted English nationalists and neo Nazis. Their page and membership is littered with large amounts of Nazi posts and comments.  By the way, the below were found from the last two days only.

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 Prominent Figures

T.J Obrien

John Abberton

Daniel Sutcliffe

Mark Lenthall

Craig Clifford

Damian Kourevellis

Shannon Wallace

John Oliver

Phill Galea 

Darren Norsworthy

Julie Kendall

Patrick Douglas

Loxley Smithett

Steven Skinner

Aaron Dekeulenaer

Rachel Edwards