Paul Guru Franzi

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A far right pig from Melbourne. Franzi has been a regular fixture at the recent anti Islam rallies. He became a prominent supporter of the United Patriots Front, attending all their rallies.

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Franzi was present at the anti Halal protest in Ascot Vale organized by the Sydney based Party for Freedom. When a clash erupted between the PfF and anti fascists, Franzi was seen scrambling out of sight.

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Franzi has appeared in films made by back stabbing patriot Neil Erikson playing with swords. We also suspect that old mate is behind the page Australian Infidels United.

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Guru is one promiscuous patriot, floating about like a turd in the toilet bowl that is the patriot movement. He is a public representative of the True Blue Crew, a role most likely deligated to him when other members are to smashed to speak at rallies. He also claims to be a member of Kim Vuga’s Love Australia or Leave party.


Paul speaking at “The Battle for Eltham” rally

The Guru was apart of the drunken mob who raided the Yarra council meeting with Neil Erikson after a boozy pub session following their conviction for inciting religious and racial hatred. Guru, dressed in a Soldiers of Odin hoodie seems keen to follow anyone at all around, seeing now he seems to have found some people to hang out with.

Guru with his friend Paul Gerard

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