Penny Louise/Tridgell

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Penny is an Adelaide-based white nationalist & Christian fundamentalist supporter of Nick Folkes and his Party for Freedom. She is fond of posting provocative statements against Muslims and homosexuals online. She is married to Justin Willingale.

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(Happy little couple of haters)

Once a distance Adelaide supporter, Penny has been playing a much more active role in the Party for Fuckwits. She has travelled to Sydney for several rallies including the Trump inauguration not he 21st of January and Reclaim Australia on the 29th of January.

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Penny got a bit of spotlight when she was featured in a poorly written and researched  Daily Mail article. Attention was sparked when Penny made a video addressed to UPF that had no other intention except self promotion.

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Penny has recently left her husband Justin (sad) to become more involved with the PfF. This has entailed her move to Western Sydney (Mount Druitt) to be closer to her deadshit pals. As photographed above, Penny also has a soft spot for neo Nazi flags, which make things more than awkward for the several Zionist Jewish members of the PfF.

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As confirmed by her enemies at United Nationalists Australia, Penny seems to have left her cuck husband Justin and young baby behind and moved to Sydney to shack up with Folkes’s pet LARPer Jameson. So much for a party for traditional family values.

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