Perry Jewell

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Jewell is a far right activist. He originally lived in Africa where he was a staunch supporter of Apartheid South Africa and white minority rule in Rhodesia, being active in military intelligence. Upon his arrival in Australia he settled in Queensland, where he remains based today.

The man made national news as the world’s most overbearing parent. In the late 90s he kidnapped his daughter for using drugs and punished her by locking her in a barn for 10 days. His son also committed suicide. Go figure. Jewell has been engaged in the far right since his arrival in Australia.

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(Jewell interviewed by Saleam)

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(Jewell addressing Sydney Forum)

He was active within the One Nation party, being a close adviser to Pauline Hanson. He was the founder and leader of the far right Confederate Action Party that was successful in infiltrating the One Nation leadership in Queensland. CAP supported the abolition of Aboriginal welfare, the re-instatement of the White Australia policy and the deportation of all non-whites.

Jewell has devoted a lot of his political energy into a personal anti drug crusade, calling for harsher punishment for drug related crime. Since the collapse of CAP, Jewell has become closely associated with Jim Saleam, being a regular speaker at his events and forums. He is currently a leading figure in the Australia First Party in Queensland. His propaganda and activity has incited racial violence against Africans, Asians and Arabs in areas such as Toowoomba and Ipswich.

Jewell was a featured speaker at the Australia First forum in late April 2017 where he spoke of how Australia was the enemy for opposing Apartheid in South Africa, and in the same breath warned of Australia being stolen.

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