Philip Al Masry

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Al Masry AKA Phillip Christopher Raus is an anti Islamic activist. This American New York born of Egyptian background is currently based in Adelaide and defines himself as an Australian nationalist. He claims to have been a Muslim before denouncing the faith and coming out in firm opposition to its very existence, self applying the term apostate. He was also active in organising and participating in the Adelaide Reclaim Australia rallies and moves in patriot circles.

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(Al Masry stickers)

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(Al Masry at Reclaim)

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Al Masry’s activism seems to be centred around his own personal identity, telling anyone within earshot that he is an apostate and infidel, oh and proud, in case you were wondering. In his personal life, he is known as a compulsive liar, a narcissist and a life committed misogynist . The man is highly active online, particularly twitter, using the name KnowingApostate. He can usually be found about town ripping down leftie posters, putting up anti Islam stickers and looking for Muslims to pick a fight with.