Ralph Cerminara

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Cerminara is a far right troll and activist. This man is a prick. He served in the Australian Defence Forces, holding the rank of private. He then joined the Australian Defence League, where he would become the de facto leader following the deportation of former leader Martin Brennen for (ironically) overstaying his immigration visa.

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(Ralph at ADL demo)

He is known for continually inciting racial violence against Muslims. He produced awful videos full of violent rambling  threats and all the nasty four letter words he could think of. He was a close associate of Nick Folkes and his Party for Freedom, the two getting shut down by anti fascists during a small anti halal protest in the Sydney suburb of Marrickville  in 2014.

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Cerminara was also notorious for stolen valour, claiming to have served in the Afghan and Iraqi wars when he didn’t. He lied about his experiences to gain a greater social standing within the far right. He was outed by a group that research those who exploit the reputations and lives of soldiers. He was also a supporter of Golden Dawn.


Cerminara specialised in intimidating Muslim women. He would often post videos and pictures of Muslim women on public transport and threaten them. He claimed on social media that he was going to bring an ADL contingent to Lakemba, a predominantly Muslim Sydney suburb, and start a riot. Not once but twice in 2014. The first time Ralph was hospitalised. The second time he and his mate Zane Commins were bashed by locals, with Ralph having his arm broken and being arrested for racial incitement.

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Ralph even had the nerve to turn up to Martin Place during the Sydney Seige, where he attempted to incite hatred and exploit an already inflamed emotional event. Between his fraud as well as drug and alcohol problems, he was denounced and churned out of the far right. He was said to speak at Sydney’s Reclaim Australia rally. He was released from jail and has since thrown his support behind the UPF. Despite his endless videos posted while drunk and or high, he was selected as the UPF leader for Sydney. Lol.

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Ralph has since been identified as the drunk man that attacked a group of young Socialist Alternative members in Newtown on the 21st of June. Proud of his little drunken escapades, Ralph does what Ralph does best, retreats inside his Marrickville apartment, hops online and posts video complete with his bitter tempered ranting. He appears to be one of the main people updating the UPF page Left Wing Bigots and Extremists Exposed.

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Ralph attacked an anti fascist activist with a pole on the night of the 27th. After being pursued by his would be victim and a comrade waiting in a shop, the ageing shoeless tubby fascist was quicker on his feet than suspected, sprinting through Marrickville into the hands of police. Ralph, the tough guy, taunted anti fascists while the police escorted him home. Suffice it so say, bravery and honour ain’t this guy’s strongest traits.

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(Tough guy)

His (stolen) valour returned to him again days later, when he rocked up out the front of the Black Rose bookshop whilst it was closed. Ralph proceeded to rip down anti racist posters from the window, then crossed the road to set up a suspected impromptu UPF video, where he and his mates attempt to rip down anti fascist posters, most of the time without much success. Little to Ralph’s knowledge two volunteers had spotted him and crossed the road to confront him. In his usual quick form, he dived into his wife’s car and sped off into the sunset. We are wondering when this brave phantom racist will strike again.

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Ralph seems to have taken a break from hassling SAlties and ripping down posters then jumping into his wife’s  car. He’s a big UPF boy now. He arranged a round bus trip for UPF and Reclaim Australia Sydney to travel to Melbourne for the rally on the 18th and be back home for the Syd rally on the 19th. Well thats a clever idea. Ralph and his mates, already well guarded by police, took off from Central station from around 9, despite the fact that Ralph and his mates attempted to smuggle a gun onboard. All that seemed to happen was a finger waved by police at the naughty patriots and then they were on their merry way without a single arrest, charge or delay. Find that odd? Oh no thats right, they are right wingers, on your way. But there are a few things that don’t seem to make much sense. Watch the video below.

I think by now its all well known and publicised on the UPF pages, of Ralph kicking Squadron 88 member Ross “the Skull” May off the bus. Ralph makes it out in the video as if he did not know that he was in fact a Nazi and claimed that they snuck on board. Well I think its safe to say that Ross does not keep his opinions quiet and that if you knew him for even 5 minutes you would know he is a full blown Nazi. Well that seems to go against Ralph’s little video, seeing as he greets Ross by name before the two board the bus together. Curious indeed.

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Whilst in Melbourne, Ralph paraded around town with his new UPF buddies at the front of the march, feeling like a big man part of the plan. He was ordered to escort the UPF’s troll Glenn Anderson away from the rally. All was going well for Ralph until he and Shermie were bound to board the bus back to Sydney. A fight broke out between some punks and the UPF bus. Ralph and Shermie are facing charges of assault for attacking a young man and women. Heres a video where old GAP cops to it all courtesy of Slackbastard.

After his only link to the UPF (Shermie) left the group, Ralph’s social standing within the far right dwindled. Before you know it, he is back on the streets filming himself ripping down Socialist Alternative posters. He managed to attend both the Parramatta and Bendigo rallies within a day of each other. Now thats dedication lol.

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Ralph went on another warpath of late, rocking up to the Black Rose bookshop after contacting police before he went asking for their protection. After the door was closed on him, he milled around out the front having a cry before moving on to greener pastures. Ralph chose to go to Lakemba for a third time, which resulted in him being bashed and arrested for filming and harassing the locals, again.

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Despite this, Ralph turned up alongside his old ADL comrade Shermon Burgess for the Third Reclaim Australia rally in Canberra. At the rally he was heard shouting “eat a dick you Muslim cunts” as well as encouraging patriots to carry out acts of lone wolf terrorism.

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More recently, Ralph is back to ripping down posters advertising upcoming rallies, targeting a protest against Aboriginal deaths in custody. He claimed that elder Ken Canning, veteran First Nations activist and human rights advocate, was a brain washed socialist and teared down a poster, which had the pictures of three young Indigenous children (including T.J. Hickey) that were murdered by police.

Ralph showed up at the PfF organised 10 year anniversary of the Cronulla riots rally. At the event he drunkenly prowled around with his camera and tried to pick on impartial journalists reporting on the event; on account of his lack of courage to face the counter demonstration.

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(Ralph with Nick and Dan Evans)

A despicable video was uploaded to his Left Wing Bigots Exposed page where he approached a Muslim mother with her kids in a parking lot and proceeded to film and threaten her whilst she was loading her groceries into her car. Ralph’s claim was that she was rorting the system because she was parked in a disabled space. The thing was that she had a disabled sticker. That didn’t stop this prick who called her a “terrorist whore” whilst his camera was turned off.

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On the 28th of January , Ralph and Dan Evans  approached the Black Rose Bookshop whilst intoxicated. Ralph, who had been to the space twice before to harass and threaten people was back once again. Camera in hand he threatened those outside the shop with violence. A brawl ensued which left the brave Cerminara begging for the fight to stop. As a result he was charged with affray for initiating the confrontation, which will most likely violate his good behaviour bond for his previous affray charges in Lakemba. Another heroic moment for our favourite valour thief.

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Ralph was arrested once again at the Canberra PEGIDA rally on the 6th of Feb when he was found in breach of his bail conditions. Surprise surprise, the police didn’t seem to care that much and let him go. Ralph has since fallen into the company of Neil Erikson, the two swapping hate mail like two young lovers. Shermon and Neil have launched an attack against the neo Nazi elements of the patriot movement. Ralph considers himself a part of that.

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Sigh. Once again Ralph assaulted an anti fascist who was trying to interview Shermon after his court case for racial vilification, then admitted it on camera. He was also filming inside the Supreme court during the trial which is a federal offence. But I guess Ralphy can go ahead and do it.

Ralph is highly  active online. This dog devotes every second of his day to online slander and harassment, posting hundreds of death threats against people, notably Muslim women and leftists. These vile posts also contain threats of assault, rape, arson, terrorism and murder against enemies of the so called patriot movement.

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(Whats that boy? Are you trying to say something?)

Remember when Ralph was going about town ripping down Survival Day and T.J Hickey memorial posters and calling Aboriginal elders scum? Well guess what, Ralph has tried to scam his way into getting Aboriginal Legal Services to cover his court costs for agitating violence. Just when you thought this piece of shit couldn’t get any lower, he turns and stabs his mate Shermon in the back, the only guy who stuck by him, in an attempt to rejoin the UPF. What an idiot.

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After back stabbing Shermon and jumping ship to the UPF, Ralph is having a ball. Feeling like he finally has some purpose he has been running around with his mates in Bendigo, taking long romantic drives with Blair and laughing all the way. Though isn’t it curious how Blair can share space with a man he defined as a cancer and threatened to kill. Well i guess when your mates are dropping like flies, you have to use what you can get.

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(Ahh, get your hand off my leg Ralph)

Verminara’s treason has not been without fallout. His old mate Shermie revealed that Ralph bashes his wife in drunken rages, relaying an incident where his wife having called Shermie in fear of her life. He is also being referred to by others within the patriot movement as a police informant, which doesn’t seem too far from the truth given his erratic and divisive behaviour which has contributed to the collapse of the patriot movement. He has since returned to doing what he does best, harassing women on a work day (whilst telling them to get a job) and positing it on LWBE.

A twitchy teary-eyed Verminara appears to have been successfully rattled after local residents took the initiative to warn their community of this hate trolls presence and activity. Posters of the man were distributed in the Inner West of Ralph, detailing incidents where he harasses and assaults women on the street. Guess he isn’t so keen of being on the receiving end. Ralphy ran all the way down the road to Marrickville police station in tears, where he was told to get fucked. Not a happy camper.

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It seems to have worked because little Ralph has ceased all online activity, including the  operation of his beloved LWBE page. Rather than attending patriot rallies he is still on the prowl in Marrickville, harassing volunteers much smaller than him from the Labor Party, socialist sects and The Greens. He went as far as to turn up to candidate Jim Casey’s office and harass his staff, insulting one young woman on account of her weight. I don’t think you are in any position to pass judgement mate, go and tear down a poster or something ya tit.

Ralph is out of retirement as volunteer patriot bus monitor, hitting the streets to harass and threaten people once again. After jumping on the campaign trail on behalf of the Australian Liberty Alliance, it seems he has kissed and made up with his Shermon Burgess and Nick Folkes, with whom he attended the PfF organised Pauline Hanson cheer squad in Ultimo during  her appearance on Q&A. He was seen with his phone (typical) and wine bottle in hand, running around like a headless chook, even attempting to give a police officer a hug who pushed him off like the smelly pest he is.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 4.41.41 pm.png

The sad thing with this guy is, literally everyone around him hates him but yet, he wont just go away. He was chewed out by UPF boss Blair Cottrell as a “cancer”. He was spat out by GAP  as a woman basher and a back stabber. He was even spewed out by fellow gutter dweller Nick Folkes who called him “a festering asshole” not to long ago. So here we have a guy with no pride or shame thats just happy to be invited (doubtful even) to something. He is now allegedly a member of Shermie’s new e project Australian Settlers Rebellion.

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(Ralph at PfF Trump BBQ)

As it turns out, Ralph and Dan Evans had their charges related to affray and assault dropped in court, which has in turn confirmed some of our suspicions. It has long been alleged by  patriots that Ralph is a police informant.  Not that we entertain the opinions of clowns like Folks and co, but in this case it makes sense. We are talking about a man who has been charged and imprisoned for affray after attempting to incite an anti Muslim riot in Lakemba. Twice. He was also on charges for his role in online harassment of former UPF figure Indie Rose Oliver. You are going to tell me that despite the video evidence, criminal history and large amount of time spent with police without any recourse means he is an innocent victim? You figure it out.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 4.22.29 pm.png

Ralph has since decided to make use of his LWBE blog and has started profiling university student activists. Crikey! He turned up at Sydney University on a Saturday to rip down Cliffite posters, claiming he will be back every weekend. I don’t think anyone told Ralph that there is no one at uni on the weekends…

He made good on his threat to turn up at the Socialist Alternative organised Socialism conference where he briefly hung about filming people before being ejected from the venue by a small gathering of uni students. Nice work mate.

Guess what! Ralph betrayed his mates one again! This time dropping GAP and Neil to join the  True Blue Crew. It seems commonplace for Ralph when he goes on a holiday to Melbourne, to be convinced to throw his mates under the bus and publicly denounce them. Seeing as this is the only way he appears to have friends, it will only be a matter of time now until he swaps again.

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(Ralph with Kane)

Ralph Cerminara is a great indicator as to the internal state of the patriot movement. The fact that groups such as TBC, UPF, Australian Settlers Rebellion and PfF (many of whom Ralph has betrayed personally) welcome the likes of a man who is trying to save Australia by squashing Halal certified meat pies in service stations is alarming enough. Then there is fact that they accept a disloyal snitch and valour thief with a divisive agenda who is prone to turning on all those close to him. The fact that he is welcomed back means that the patriots are either oblivious to him functioning as saboteur or alternatively that they are so desperate for supporters that they just accept anyone. One thing we can rely on Mr Cerminara for is his ability to realise our darkest imaginations of human depravity.

Since turning on his mates Neil and Sherm (again), Ralph has once again got egg all over his face. Shermon has revealed more on “secrets” about Ralph’s ongoing alcohol addiction. More disturbingly, Shermon admitted to Ralph’s wife calling him for help after Verminara had beaten her on numerous occasions in a drunken rage. He went further to claim Ralph’s alcoholic and abusive behaviour towards his partner was continual and ongoing. Although Ralph’s abuse and harassment of women is well known, his perpetration of acts of domestic violence adds another dimension to his scum-fuckery. He also further backed up Ralph’s fraudulent claims about his army service, stating that he was in the Army Reserves briefly before being kicked out for his alcoholism. He also claimed that Ralph asked for Shermon’s help to blow up a mosque. Jesus.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 8.12.06 pm.png

Sherm and his other mate at ASR have continued to target Ralph in a series of videos. By means of response, Ralph threatened to kill Shermon and claimed himself to be the head of TBC in Sydney. Turns out this isn’t the case. Ralph was humiliated when the video (intended as a private threat to Shermon) was released online. This resulted in Kane getting the shits with Ralph and forcing him to make a public statement admitting that he IS NOT the leader of so called TBC Sydney. How embarrassing. He was then challenged by Shermie to a MMA bout in a gym of Ralph’s choosing. Ralph shamefully rejected the challenge, knowing his preferred method of attack is with a smartphone in aisle 3, raging (rummaging) over halal certified brands of fish seasoning.

Between illegally filming people in court rooms and endless hours of online harassment, Ralph still manages to find time for shenanigans. His latest target was the naive and clownish Socialist Equality Party (SEP) who were operating a stall in Marrickville. Cerminara approached the group to film, threaten and harass as is his usual MO before kicking over their sign as his dramatic exit. Meanwhile over at the Balmain bunker it seems bygones are bigots as Nick and Ralph are back together playing dress ups again.


Anyone got a hammer and some nails?


In one of his more cowardly and obscene performances yet, Ralph turned up at a Marrickville council by-election to harass people, this time with his infant child strapped to his chest. Upon arrival Ralph launched into his usual speel about Greens and Labour volunteers supporting terrorism. After using a few four letter words while abusing them, a mother with her children asked Ralph to calm down and not use that language in front of her kids, let alone his own who could be heard crying under his curses and abuse. He went on to verbally berate and attack the mother before waddling off.

More horrific tales of this Marrickville bridge troll has since been revealed. It was alleged by Shermon that Ralph had sexually harassed a member of the Party for Freedom during their trip to “the Battle of Eltham” and proceeded to punch another member in a drunken rage. Although we are not certain as to who is more credible out of the two, we do believe this is not far from Ralph’s character.

After copping a large amount of flack, Ralph was publicly denounced by members of the UPF, leaving him with very little friends indeed. In yet another emotional rage, Ralph announced his retirement from the movement. Although shortly after (the following day), a new admin Mark magically appeared begging for the return of “former” admin Ralph to come back and save the movement. Lol.

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 1.26.16 am.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 1.25.39 am.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 1.25.59 am.png

Since begging himself to return to the so called movement on Facebook, Ralph seems to have gone back on his word again. After a drunken online rampage, Ralph announced that he was a “home grown terrorist” who was planning to “remove” certain buildings outside the law, naming Lakemba as his first target. Old mate was quick to remove this post he then went out with his camera and filmed himself spray painting over Socialist Alternative posters and writing “not welcome” on the train station. After realising he spelt welcome wrong, he went on to spray over his already illegible tag. Odd.

To the editors surprise, Ralph turned up to the Sydney Reclaim Australia rally organised by the Party for Freedom on the 29th of January. Whilst at the rally, Ralph seemed out of place, as nobody within the shrinking patriot movement from any side or state wants anything to do with the prick. This came to a head that very night when a drunk and obnoxious Ralph started a fight with a man in his mid 60s at Folksey’s post rally piss up. Ralph was swiftly put on his ass as the man knocked him for 6, leaving the pudgy bastard scrambling on all fours looking for his dignity. He didn’t find it.