Right Wing Resistance

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Now, it goes against my better judgement to post about RWR, but here it goes. RWR is a tiny crew of boneheads dispersed across Australia. Given their desire for attention I wished not to appease them, but here is their big moment. RWR originated in New Zealand in 2009, being founded by Kiwi neo Nazi Kyle Chapman as a militant bonehead crew, targeting immigrants, Maoris and other non whites in street battles and protests.

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Kyle and his mates seem to think that selling a couple of flags online means that you have started a world wide organisation. People across Europe have brought along RWR flags to demos, but a few might have fallen into the wrong hands.

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(RWR losing their flag to antifascists in England)

Some keen boneheads attached to the PDLA and Australia First have thrown their lot in with RWR Australian chapter. Lol. A few of these types were spotted at Bendigo on the 10/10/15 rally, where they were hanging on the fringes in front of Channel 7’s cameramen to further their public profile.

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It was recently revealed that RWR did not gate crash the UPF rally in Bendigo but rather were invited by its neo Nazi faction, namely Blair Cottrell and Tom Sewell. It is said they are in regular contact with RWR. RWR have made an effort to branch out to become Australia’s most visible bonehead franchise, or at least the ones not tough or cool enough to roll with SCHS. RWR chapters are active in Brisbane, Melbourne, Bendigo, Perth and Newcastle.

(Some more RWR awesomeness with Dr Jim)

RWR’s leader Sammy Binz (AKA Sammy Chelsea) has set up the groups base in the Newcastle suburb of Hamilton. They have been responsible for acts of vandalism and intimidation against several pro refugee spaces and homes over the last 6 months.

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Members of Right Wing Resistance Australia

Ethan Tilling- Brisbane                        Josh Webb- Yangan, Queensland

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Luke Wilson- Brisbane

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Leigh Oi!- Melbourne

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 1.43.51 pm.png Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 1.44.23 pm.pngScreen Shot 2017-07-05 at 1.44.52 pm.png

Trent Prickett- Newcastle, NSW                     David Muldrew- Bendigo, Victoria

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Mark Warwick- Perth                                       Chris Holden- Perth

(Tattooist at Artistic Skin Art)

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Alex Betts- Mount Crosby, Queensland

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Prominent Figures

Sammy Binz

Ricky White

Darren TJ West

Joel Brereton 

Justin Kirk

Joshua Hughes

Aaron Dekeulenaer