Rod Culleton

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A far right politician from Western Australia. Culleton has a history in agriculture and claims to have ran his own logistics company. Aside from being a hater of Muslims and a supporter of Reclaim Australia, Culleton is a full-blown tin-foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. His FB page is littered with posts and comments relating to his e-resistance to cultural Marxism, safe schools ‘child grooming’, climate change denial and the world becoming subservient by the NWO as soon as 2030.

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Culleton is currently on trial for two crimes relating to larceny and theft; the latter for allegedly attempting to steal a man’s car. He and his partner Ioanna will be standing as One Nation Senate candidates in the 2016 election. Upon his election to the senate, Culleton’s charges were annulled. How convenient. 

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(Culleton with Katter)

Culleton is one of several high profile ONP candidates to be dropped from the party like a hot potato. This followed a bitter and very public feud with party leader Pauline Hanson, who forced Culleton to resign from the party. Culleton also faces two charges of larceny and has recently been declared bankrupt, meaning he is ineligible to hold his seat. Rough trot mate.