Rosalie Crestani

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An Australian far right politician. Crestani, a former fitness model, is a prominent member of the Christian fundamentalist far right party Rise Up Australia. Crestani is a councillor for the Victorian city Casey, where she is infamous for having unsuccessfully tried to ban all public support and endorsement of the LGBTI community.

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Crestani is an extreme Islamophobe, motivated predominantly through her Christian views. Crestani plays a key role in the organisation of various far right rallies, acting as their kind of MC. She played the role of MC at the Melbourne Reclaim Australia rally on July 18th. She also played this role at: the latest UPF Bendigo rally, the Party for Freedom organised 10 year anniversary of the Cronulla riots and the Canberra PEGIDA rally.

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(Crestani with Blair Cottrell)

Rosalie Crestani is a regular fixture at far right “patriot” rallies, often featuring as a MC or rally convener. She serves as a councillor for the city of Casey where she used her influence to block mosque proposals and withdraw city endorsement of LGBTIQ events, believing that homosexuality is a gateway for pedophilia and beastiality. As a close ally of coptic Christian Mayor Sam Aziz, Crestani was key in organising anti muslim sentiment in Narre Warren.

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Rosalie cracking out the old flag dress for Sydney’s Reclaim Australia rally 29/1/17