Ross “the Skull” May

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Ross “the Turtle” May is an old cooky neo Nazi. A veteran of the scene, May is notorious for his violent reputation and Nazi views. He was known for hanging around the Domain in full Nazi uniform intimidating people. He was also a fan of St George NRL team and is a frequent visitor of their grounds, which he was eventually banned from for violent behaviour.

He was a member of the National Socialist Party of Australia, where he acted as a shock troop for the group, being responsible for violent attacks against leftists, Asians, blacks and homosexuals. He is also responsible for ongoing sexual assaults against women, whom he has very deranged and sexist views toward.

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May is probably Australia’s most iconic neo Nazi identity, constantly ending up in the media for violence and attention grabs. May was also involved in setting up several other neo Nazi groups, most notably Australia’s National Front chapter. He has been a long time friend and loyal servant of far right leader Jim Saleam, and is involved in his Australia First Party. He attends rallies and events alongside his old friend, seeing himself as his kind of bodyguard.

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(Jim and the Turtle)

Despite his old age, the Turtle is still at work. He is at the centre of a small neo Nazi group called Squadron 88, which is closely associated with the AFP. The group are known for producing odd videos where Ross rants about his hatred for non whites. He can also be found around central during the week selling his wacko material.

Poor old Ross had a bit of a rough week. Now as we all know they only let Ross out for Nazi bingo and Reclaim rallies, so he was really excited, meeting up with the UPF supporters at Central on a cold Friday night to clamber aboard a bus Melbourne bound. Ross does what Ross does best, finds a camera to rant at and get some more headlines, which is how this otherwise half disturbed senile old twit made a name for himself. In a staged video, Ross and his little mate Tyler Winchester were given the flick early on the bus trip, which means he didn’t make it to Melbourne.

He and his companion were seen embracing each other at the train station the night before the Sydney RA rally. The Turtle was seen hobbling around the train with a pie, sexually harassing a young worker on the train. Once arriving in Sydney, Ross and Winchester took off together to the Central toilets and were not seen again. I guess the two had had a gut-full of not being wanted on either side.