Ruby Jacenko

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(Jacenko at Australian Protectionist Party rally)

Ruby is a self proclaimed Australian “socialite”.  She is based in the ritzy Eastern Suburbs in Sydney. She considers herself ‘famous’ because her sister is a second rate celebrity in The Celebrity Apprentice. She, like her sister, takes every opportunity to get in front of the camera and promoting her wealthy and glamorous lifestyle.

Jacenko wishes to present herself as a celebrity, socialising with elements of Australia’s C grade celebrity culture and social scene. This spoilt little brat and professional layabout finds it hard to get through the day and find purpose between her designer clothing wardrobe, shopping and eating at 5 star restaurants. She is like, passionate about, like, Israel and stuff, and western culture. She attended a protest against the BDS Palestine rally on the side of the APP as well as designing pro Zionist t-shirts. OMG right?

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