Ryan Fletcher

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A right wing blogger and wannabe journalist from Maryborough, Victoria. Fletcher claims to have formerly been a leftist, Greens member and an advocate for the legalisation of weed, being the former Shepparton branch leader of the Hemp Party, standing as their candidate in 2013 . He would go on to have a change of heart in politics, becoming an ultra Tory and devout monarchist as well as a few other pretty weird views.

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(Fletcher with former chief pie muncher John Howard)

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Today, Fletcher is a graphic designer, cartoonist and prominent contributor to the vile right wing news page XYZ. Fletcher decided to attend an anti halal protest in April in Melbourne that was organised by the Party for Freedom. Bad idea. While the small faction of right wing loons displayed placards and t-shirts calling all refugees rapists, they were set upon by anti fascists, where poor old Ryan ended up being a casualty. Better luck running next time buddy.

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(Ryan after PfF rally)

Since Ryan’s nasty fall in Ascot Vale, he appears to have jumped on the bandwagon and swallowed the red pill in an effort to channel his emo victim feels. These days, there seems to be less focus on his weed politics in his XYZ writing and more emphasis on his white nationalism. Shame you don’t see him at rallies anymore…

Nazi signalling much, Fletcher?

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Fletcher with neo Nazi Black Sun symbol

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