Sam Hansen

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A Sydney based right wing conspiracy theorist. Hansen is a student at Macquarie University, where he runs the Critical Thinking Society. The CTS is a group of Alex Jones fans that talk about all kinds of tin foil crack pot conspiracies including fluoride, chem-trails, the NWO and cabals of international bankers.

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(The how to make no friends on your first day at uni kit)

Well that all sounds nice, a couple of kids at uni having a crack at subversive politics. If one looks close enough at Hansen and his CTS, they would discover it is operating as a front group for the far right Citizens Electoral Council. The CEC is part of the political Lyndon LaRouche cult that fetishizes Jews as international tsars dominating the worlds economies.

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Interesting hand gestures

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Hansen is known for lingering on the fringes of vague leftist circles, turning up to rallies and distributing CEC propaganda. Hansen attempted to organising this years Million Mask March on the 5th of November. He continues to operate as a CEC recruiter within universities and Anonymous circles.