Sammy Binz

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Sammy Binz AKA Sammy Holligal (real name Samantha Goodwin) is a bonehead organiser. Originally from Melbourne, Binz is a round the bend reject from various bonehead and bikie circles. She was based in Brisbane in 2015 where she established and lead Right Wing Resistance. Sammy remains head of RWR in Australia as well as its international women’s division.

Sammy elbowed her way to the front of the feud between Shermon Burgess and the UPF. Things escalated after Shermon and his mate Neil Erikson began releasing dirt on the UPF and denounced its neo Nazi ties. As a result she threatened to kill Erikson’s baby.

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Sammy remains the driving force behind the marginal RWR activity, travelling across Australia in an effort to establish new chapters. Apparently Sammy has moved to NSW and is trying to mobilise local bones. Could be interesting. She set up shop in Newcastle, hanging around mopey biker types. Her and her little battalion are known for doing letterbox drops and taping A4 sheets of paper with RWR written on it on poles.

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Sammy has been a busy little bone of late, coordinating vandalism and threats against local leftists and anti racists. She is known to frequent the Wickham Hotel in Hamilton, where she is a resident.

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Sammy travelled to Sydney to attend the Reclaim Australia rally on the 29th of January. There was trouble in Valhalla when she was caught off side by vanguardist neo Nazi page United Nationalists Australia who spat the dummy at her fraternising with pro Zionist potato heads.

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neo Nazi Sammy with Christian Zionist Rosalie Crestani lol

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Sammy at TBC rally 25/6/17