Scott Balson

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A far right internet designer and author. Balson self identifies as one of the people who brought computer based marketing to Australia. So yeah a totally sane and modest bloke. He was known for running several websites including Global Web Builders and Australian National News of the Day, known for publishing highly racist and anti Semitic material online.

Balson joined up with the One Nation Party in the late 90s, becoming one of Pauline Hanson’s closest allies. He was selected as the ONP’s official Webmaster, overseeing their online content. Following a fight with Hanson, Balson was removed from the party in 1999 and retreated to online activism. He has written several novels including Murder by Media, Enemy of the State and One Voice, Many Issues. Balson is often considered to have been the most prominent online far right propagandist in Australia during the late 90s.