Scott Moerland

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Well Moerland is a vocal nationalist activist from Brisbane. He claims to have served for over 10 years in the Australian Defence Forces and spends most his time telling people of that fact. He became involved in far right Islamophobic activism, joining the small and disorientated anti Islam network Australian Defence League after coming into contact with pot bellied bigot Ralph Cerminara.

Moerland became a born again Christian early in his career in the far right, being taken under the wing of clerical fascist cult leader Danny Nalliah, who baptised Moerland and his family. Imagine that. Moerland claimed to have been drawn to Nalliah whilst he was on TV being grilled for his disgraceful comments regarding the Victorian bush fires being the result of Australia’s abortion laws. I guess if that is the motivator for joining a faith and a movement, I bet its all downhill from there.

The feeble minded Scotty was later drawn into Danny’s political party Rise Up Australia, with Moerland chosen to be the parties candidate for Brisbane. Moerland was indoctrinated by Nalliah and moulded into being a front runner for the RUAP on account of his veteran credentials and being just a simple strayan’ bloke who hates political correctness and Islam.

This battler took part in organising the Brisbane Reclaim Australia rally, speaking and sharing a platform with Pauline Hanson. Moerland would go on to become the most visible and active organiser of Reclaim rallies in Queensland and has been the keynote speaker at their rallies.

(WARNING. 40 minutes or incoherent rambling which must be damaging to braincells)

The foul mouthed bigot joined Shermon Burgess and others in the launching of the new group United Patriotic Front, intended as the militant arm of the Reclaim Australia movement. He has even taken to doing video broadcasts, like a good little follower, for Burgess and his movement. In these videos he struggles to go a minute without swearing several times or threatening someone, which Moerland has incorporated into a part of his free speech crusade against political correctness. You go Scotty boy, fight for your right to say fuck forty times in the one sentence.

(Scott at the last Reclaim Australia rally)

Scotty has become more active since throwing his lot in with the UPF. Moerland attended and spoke at the first two Bendigo rallies, as well as speaking on behalf of the group on the Sunday Night Channel 7 segment on UPF and Reclaim Australia. For just your average Aussie bloke he sure seems to like getting in the lime light. He played a role in promoting the PEGIDA rally in Canberra on the 6th of Feb where he addressed the crowd.

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Scotty is seen by many as a super patriot and a figurehead within the movement in Queensland. He operates as a prominent behind the scenes UPF organiser and functionary whilst distancing himself publicly from its leadership, allowing him to remain flexible from ties to Nazism. He ruffled a few feathers when he came out swinging in a video he posted on the UPF page. In this video he declared his staunch admiration for the State of Israel, revealed he had a non-white friend and stated his hatred for “Nazi fuckwits”. Thats rich coming from a bloke who co organised patriot/ nationalist rallies with Toowoomba based neo Nazi Jim Perren.

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Moerland’s criticism of Nazism sparked a backlash on the UPF page, where UPF leading figures took a line against him, unleashing a wave of neo Nazi hate mail and rantings on the UPF page. On Scotty’s online diary Shouting the Obvious (one of the most offensively base blogs known to man), Moerland claimed to have received death threats from neo Nazis who threatened to kill his family. He also took to sharing dirty secrets and engaging patriot pillow talk. He admitted to taking the piss out of fellow Christian nutter Chris Shortis behind his back, for being a moron and a delusional creationist who thinks the world is a few thousand years old. He then ripped into Shermon, calling him a big mouthed fabricator. Seems all these crusaders seem to do is bitch about one another online.

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Scotty remains one of the most visible faces behind Reclaim Australia, a movement on the verge of collapse. Scotty announced his intention to attend the Sydney RA rally being organised on the 29th of January. Great! looking forward to see that mop of a head down Eora way.

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Cock head Queenslander was keynote speaker at the Reclaim Australia rally in Sydney 1/30/17. Scotty, who did a fair bit of the half hearted promotion of the rally is primarily to blame for the 50 odd turn out. He made several angry videos shouting at the camera demanding they get to the rally. Scotty’s aggressive and childish manner of addressing his “audience” seems to have backfired, leaving him with egg on the face.