Sergio Redegalli

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Redegalli is a glass artist, sculptor and Islamophobic activist. Redegalli has created several sculptures across Australia, winning awards for his work. His most notorious work is his “say no to the burqa” mural on the main wall of his studio/ house located on the corner of Station and Wilford St, located in the Sydney suburb of Newtown.

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(Sergio and Nick Folkes)

Aside from his elaborate glass sculptures, Redegalli is known for his anti Islam views. He is engaged in support for Israel and Zionism and is aligned with the far right. He was closely associated with the Australian Protectionist Party, known for quietly whispering death threats against pro Palestine activists from behind police lines. He has appeared in several documentaries including “Sleeping with the Enemy” and “Dumb, Drunk & Racist”.

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Sergio is a member of several far right groups including the Party for Freedom and Faceless, an anti-burqa protest group made up of Nick Folkes and Victor Waterson. During one of their stunts, Sergio attempted to enter Parliament House dressed in a Klansman robe.

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(Sergio with Geert Wilders)

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(Sergio with Robert Spencer)

Sergio has returned from somewhat of a hiatus, being mentioned as a special speaker at the Cronulla riot memorial in December. He has also used his skills as a glass artist to create Cronulla riot plates? Proudly modelled by George Jameson, a PfF member.

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(Sergio at Cronulla)