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Shermon Burgess AKA the Great Aussie Patriot is a far right nationalist activist. This self styled leader of the “patriots” began as a member of the Australian Defence League. He was the guitarist of a hardcore RAC influenced band that calls itself the Eureka Brigade which has songs such as ADL Killing Machine, Shit on the Mosque and Torpedo the Boats. He was a supporter of self proclaimed ADL president Ralph Cerminara before his fall from grace. He also has a odd Aussie hip hop group called Clockwork & Shermonator.

Shermie and his ADL mates

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Burgess or GAP became famous for his organisation and promotion of the nationwide Reclaim Australia rallies which took place early in 2015. He promoted the rallies through a series of online videos featuring Burgess adorned in Aussie souvenirs in front of the flag. His videos are usually aimed at threatening Muslims, anti fascists, leftists and immigrants, denouncing them as scum and a threat to the Australian way of life. Despite his “Aussie” nationalism, he has referred to Aboriginals as “scum” and “resentful, drug addicted dickheads”.

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Burgess supports violence against his religious and political opponents. He is known for slander and lies. He was exposed for making up lies to defame his anti fascist opponents. He was caught making fake profiles at the detriment of his own movement’s credibility to further his ego and status within the far right.

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(GAP addressing Sydney’s RA rally)

In the months leading up to the RA rallies, GAP went on a frenzy producing propaganda videos promoting the rally. He worked closely with the Melbourne based neo Nazi group Nationalist Republican Guard through their YouTube channel NRG Prop. Burgess and the NRG were supposedly making a documentary called the Hunt for Andy Fleming or Slackbastard who GAP and the rest of the right wingers thinks is the “king of Antifa”. He has since become one of the most influential figures within the far right.

Burgess was kicked out of the Reclaim Australia movement on account of his devout association with neo Nazi deputies such as Neil Erikson and Blair Cottrell. Together, they launched the United Patriots Front, a militant ultra nationalist group that has launched a campaign against left wing activists, choosing to organise a rally on the 31st of May against Socialist counciller for the Yarra Stephen Jolly. The rally ended in a total failure with Burgess and his sturmfuhrers sent packing due to an overwhelming anti fascist protest, forcing them to take cover behind the police who escorted them to safety. Burgess , who has gone to great efforts to distance himself from his Nazi buddies can be seen talking to neo Nazi mate Glenn Anderson.

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Within the last few months, GAP’s manic behaviour, the ever growing deranged vibe around him and his contagious desperation can lead one to the conclusion that the guy is slowly losing it. In the weeks leading to the last Reclaim Australia rally continued making a lot of bizarre  promises to his followers which have included making a porn film to fund  his organisation. He even threatened to quit activism and the UPF if the rally was not a success, which obviously he wasn’t telling the truth.

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Shermie doing some target practice

After the an abysmal attempt to create Australia’s greatest patriotic rally and his little group of thugs being defeated on the streets of Melbourne, Shermie was obviously bitter, and looking to release a bit of anger. Whilst about to board the bus back to Sydney, he and his mate Ralph Cerminara engaged in a fight with a group of punks, whom he admits to “beating the shit out of” in a video made available thanks to some work from Slackbastard.

Since the rally, Shermie is back to his old tricks, making films and sharing Anti Antifa music from the Belgian neo Nazi band Kill Baby Kill. But in the last few days the Akubra  wearing grub evolves into a bug eyed patriot butterfly!

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.35.22 pmScreen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.36.43 pmScreen Shot 2015-07-30 at 4.37.10 pm

He has announced the UPF will be rallying for a second Cronulla riot in three months, cracking a beer in celebration. To back up the sentiment of alcohol fuelled racial violence, his dopey mate Neil also tries to down a shot of Serbian whiskey.

Following all the promotion done by GAP and the UPF regarding the protest against the Bendigo mosque on the 29th of August SHERMIE WAS A NO SHOW! This stay at home patriot pulled a sickie whilst his mates got pepper sprayed.

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In one of Shermie’s most recent sit coms, he attempts to display his utter disdain for politically correct left wing media and (hahahaha) tries to burn a newspaper. After soaking it twice with deodorant, Shermie finally lights the paper one minute later. Between book burning sessions and rallying the troops for Bendigo, Burgess is ensuring patriots that the UPF will move to contest elections in the future but for now they should vote One Nation.

After many tears shed, Burgess decided that he would be quitting the UPF because of a video made by a rival that hurt his feelings. Now, this is coming from a bloke that was involved in three organisations  and a band dedicated to taunting, threatening, mocking, insulting and harassing Muslims. Now that people are targeting him, he gets emotional and calls the quits. What a fearless patriot. In even funnier news, after receiving a flogging online, Burgess attempted to return to the UPF but has since been denounced by Blair for being a quitter and a coward.

Since leaving the UPF and Reclaim after being called too many mean names, Shermie is back to being simple old GAP, an independent Aussie fighting back. He has returned fire on fascist intellectual and rival Jim Saleam, who denounced GAP as a kosher nationalist. Bring out the big guns Shermie.

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Shermie led the troops into Canberra for Reclaim III where he spoke of nationalism and it being unstoppable and all. His crowd of about a hundred, accompanied by his loyal disciple Ralph, Shermie shouted his little heart out of his little shorts. He has since thrown his weight behind Nick Folkes and his Cronulla riot memorial, which he has been promoting non stop on the GAP page. Shermie has been listed as a speaker at the rally on December 12. He has also become a promoter of the One Nation party, encouraging all “patriots” to vote for One Nation instead of Labor and Liberal.

Both Shermon and Nick Folkes were taken to court for racial vilification on account of organising the pro Cronulla riot rally. Shermie was later found in contempt of court for not appearing to his court case. Despite all his promotion and promises, he was a no show to his own rally. After missing at least three rallies he organised himself, he may now be referred to as the great stay at home patriot.

Since left to his own devices , Shermie’s gone a little bonkers. The little fella has relentlessly continued his plugging of One Nation (to the point its a little weird) and aired a series of crackpot conspiracy theories relating to Agenda 21, a sustainable development plan of the United Nations, which Shermie and other far right freaks think has something to do with white genocide and forced integration or some shit. He is also keen on his gun law conspiracies, claiming that the Port Arthur massacre was a government plot to take guns from patriots. Oh, and he has also started up a weird page called the Great Aussie Viper, a bad attempt at humour, where he runs around in drag and wigs as well as making videos comparing patriots to Lord of the Rings. Get a job you said?

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Patriots gooooooooood

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Antifa baaaaaaaaaaaad

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Shermie participated in the Canberra PEGIDA march on the 6th of Feb where he delivered a fiery speech about people bleeding on the ground and stuff. Since his return, he and his dopey mate Neil “come at me bro” Erikson have launched an unrelenting attack upon both Australia’s neo Nazi movement and their old mates in the UPF. Shermie and Neil claim that the UPF has been compromised and hijacked by neo Nazis and it was up to Shermie, lord of the patriots, to cleanse the movement of Nazis. Both Neil and Shermie must have pretty short memories, seeing as they were fine with working with Nazis up until now.

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Well it looks like  our favourite patriot has awoken and emerged from his blanket fort. Seriously, i have never heard of a person who quits more in my life. The little guy has been semi regular posting on old mate Neil’s page, sticking his head out to complain about bad movies, in particular the new Ghostbusters because there are too many women in it, oh and this. He made a video entitled Shermon loves capitalism. What a gronk.

Sherman has long since become yesterdays man, tip toeing on the edges of the patriot movement, ducking claims of treachery, sabotage and incompetence. His currency is Facebook likes, not IQ points, which he seems to have lost plenty of since decommissioning his FB page. In a desperate effort to make up for lost time, the once great Aussie patriot has strapped up his diapers and hit the pavement to campaign for Pauline “the mother patriot” Hanson and One Nation. That way, anything she does is a result of his hard online campaigning!

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 8.01.18 pm.png

Sherm and Neil have been hard at work running their phone batteries flat for old Pauline. He teamed up with Nick Folkes and the PfF to organise a support Pauline Hanson rally out the front of ABC studio in Ultimo, Sydney for her Q&A appearance in July. After kissing and making up with disgruntled former cheerleader Ralph, Shermie took to the megaphone to applaud police violence against anti racist activists.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.30.37 pm.png

The dickhead has now launched yet ANOTHER far right organisation that has called itself the Australian Settlers Rebellion. How many is that now  Shermie? The Australian Defence League, Reclaim Australia, United Patriots Front, UPF Originals, Ozconspiracy, Generation Identity, Aussie Patriot Army, etc. etc. who gives a shit. Other members include Neil Erikson, Ralph Cerminara, Scott Moerland and Dan Evans. They have announced their intention to rally on the 30th of August out the front of Parliament.

 Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.29.55 am.png

Burgess has sunk to a new low. He has a sponsor and has become a self employed spokesmodel for a no-name clothing brand (most likely his own) called Aussie Patriot Clothing, which he now wears in every video. He also seems to have changed religions, ditching the Pagan thing and has since converted to becoming a Catholic?

Screen Shot 2016-08-30 at 12.22.28 am.png


Sherman put an ultimatum to the patriot movement, calling for groups to align themselves with his unimpressive group the  Australian Settlers Rebellion. He called for the leaders of various far right groups to burn a Nazi flag on camera to prove they are not Nazis. This is where things get a little awkward. ASR have NEVER organised a rally. We will most likely not even bother logging it as an entry, seeing as they will probably ditch it, like Neil and GAP have done with every other group so far. He has also announced his intention to go to war with the True Blue Crew for being aligned with the UPF, claiming that if they set foot in Canberra or NSW that they will be at war with ASR. Or more likely just Shermon and Neil, seeing as Ralph has stabbed them in the back. Again.

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 8.12.39 pm.png

It is safe to say that Shermie hasn’t taken his divorce with Ralph Cerminara very well. He has gone out on the attack, claiming ASR (Literally two people) are going to war with TBC if they establish themselves in NSW. The man made a video challenging Ralph to an organised MMA fight, in attempt to fulfil his dream to become the WWE champion. In more disturbing news, Shermie also accused Ralph of plotting to blow up a mosque as well as bashing his wife several times whilst drunk. He did this via video, where he put on a racist characterisation of an Asian woman. Slow down a minute scum bag. So you are saying that you had knowledge of a potential terrorist plot as well as ongoing domestic violence perpetrated by Ralph for over 2 years and kept quiet until an opportune moment to defame a friend turned rival bigot? You are no better than the perpetrator of that crime mate.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 9.10.13 pm.png

Its that time of the month again. Shermon has quit once again. We here at AFAS have lost count at the amount of times this coward has run and hid under his bed, but it has to be a significant number now. This time, he has left his mate Neil in the shit to deal with incitement of religious hatred charges to play more dress ups on his Cooma property. The fairy in the mirror has attributed his latest quit tantrum to his personal success at getting One Nation candidates elected.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 9.14.21 pm.png

Shermie predicting election rigging, then……. i told you so!

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 1.22.22 am.png

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 12.02.13 am.png

Shermie sharing German neo Nazi band Sleipnir

Seems that the Great Aussie pathological sook is back from his 10th winge quit making over 5 videos a day telling others to get a job. After Shermie and his dopey mate Neil single handedly claimed responsibility for the election of Pauline Hanson, their next move will most likely to claim responsibility for Brexit and Trump too. Since the election of Trump Shermie has been calling for a war with the left, going as far as to call for a “purge the left” day. He seems convinced that he is apart of a global movement that will eventually lead to Hanson’s election to Prime Minister. Poor deluded little man. We hope that Shermon finds help in the near future.

Screen Shot 2016-11-26 at 5.23.27 pm.png

Despite our hopes that Shermon would seek professional help, regression seems to be the most favoured path of the GAP. Shermon has been busy  playing dress ups everyday and calling it a political act. His new alter ego is Kevin the Commie, for whom he uses his trusty old wig to emulate some uni student. Weird. Some of his bush pig mates have also joined in, wearing balaclavas and kindly sharing their opinions on universal women’s suffrage (women suck because they won’t make me a sandwich). Things are getting grimmer for Shermon.

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 12.56.50 am.png       Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 2.19.00 am.png

It looks like its that time of the month again. Shermon and Neil appear to have gotten bored of ASR and launched yet ANOTHER group. The new one has been named the Ban Islam Party, which Shermon thinks he will be able to transform into a registered party that can contest elections. Just for the record, NONE of Shermon’s ideas have EVER come to fruition. Not one of his blundering rants or master plans has ever bared any legitimacy or reality. It still remains two grown men in Cooma and Melbourne playing dress ups and shouting at their computer screens alone in their room all day.

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 3.29.25 pm.png

Sherm and Neil have been busy online while all other far right groups appear to have dropped in that category. The two reigning keyboard warriors have continued their cheerleading for Pauline Hanson and their relentless charge on Agenda21 (lol), Sherms new fetish issue. The boys have once again renamed their page from ASR to Nationalist Uprising, which uses some pretty sinister Nazi styled imagery. Nationalist Uprising has also announced its intention to produce clothing, making it the next in a long line of merchandising scams.

Nationalist Uprising logo utilising Tyr rune (often used by Nazi groups) and Nazi colour

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 7.50.27 pm.png

Shermon calling out “race traitors” Nazi term used to describe race mixers

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 7.46.40 pm.png

As it turns out the warning signs were true, Sherm is now a Nazi. After being exposed to a new line of white nationalist YouTube videos, Sherm has been “red pilled” to the Jews, who he now identifies as being behind world banking, all foreign wars, cultural Marxism and mass immigration which he believes is white genocide. He produces his standard 4 vids a day filmed in various locations around the house, only now the content has shifted from Muslims to Jews. He has denounced the Holocaust as a hoax, shared WW2 Nazi propaganda and attacks Israel, a country that he used to praise as a fellow traveller in the “war against Islam”. All this is coming from a guy who left the UPF because of Nazi infiltration and demanded other patriot figures burn Nazi flags to prove they were true blue Aussies. He has even turned on Trump who he was a devout cheerleader of only weeks before.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 6.46.23 pm.png

Another pastime of Shermon’s is calling people he doesnt like “cucks”. This is a reference to the term cuckold, which was popularised by the American alt right movement. As it turns out, Sherm is one of those too. One of Sherm’s enemies within the patriot movement is shard sucking woman bashing crackhead Kane Miller, who is currently dating Sherm’s former partner and mother of his child Chontelle Bolton.

Shermie cucked by Kane & Chontelle

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 5.51.00 pm.png

Shermon is an excellent case study for internet radicalisation and the path those with weak and impressionable minds can take whilst exposed to far right internet material. His vlogger career has led him to become a anti Islam crusader, Pagan turned Christian, anti vax gun nut, Rothschild banker conspiracy theorist and now to full blown anti Semitic Nazi. Burgess has also spent a lot of his time denouncing terrorists, but in April made a video he stated that HE would become a terrorist if his country was bombed, resulting in him being denounced by Avi Yemini. Shermon is about as politically and intellectually incoherent as it gets, managing to contradict everything he stood for and has accused others of being in under two months. What else can be expected of a man who gets all his political views from repressed virgin YouTube bloggers.

Some of the Neo Nazis Sherm now follows

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 6.48.14 pm.png

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 6.48.33 pm.png