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Nazi low rider riding dirty

Slasha AKA “Salisha” is a Lebanese, physically disabled, meth addicted neo Nazi. Yeah, really, not a joke. This little turd resides in the Sydney suburb of Newtown, often dismissed by hipsters as a harmless eccentric local, seen whizzing up and down the streets, blasting NSBM (national socialist black metal) on his scooter. He is a regular at various metal gigs.

Slasha’s pad in Newtown is occasionally used as a drinking den for various neo Nazis, drug addicts and other warped people that find it ideal to drink with this guy in a small dingy public housing flat with Hitler shrines for serenity.

For some reason the master race of S88 seem to think drinking with an “Arab drug addicted crippled dole bludger” is somehow consistent with national socialism. We find it just as amusing as you.