Sukith Fernando

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A right wing amateur e journalist. Fernando is a prominent contributor to the alt right blog The Unshackled, writing articles, podcasts and videos for their website. His content is usually targeted at feminists, LGBTQI advocates and anti racist activists, which he identifies as part of “the regressive left”. In one bizarre  video, Fernando claims gender-neutral toys are “an attack on the natural order and a cultural Marxist plot”. He is also a contributor to the crypto-fascist publication The Spectator.

Fernando, who also turns out to be a Liberal Party supporter/ member, attended the Reclaim Australia rally that took place in Martin Place, Sydney on the 29th of January 2017. Fernando was with fellow contributor to the aspiring alt right website The Unshackled Damien Ferri, playing a founding role in the website and serving as its co editor in chief.

(Fernando, Tim Wilms & Malcolm Roberts at the Friedman Conference)

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Fernando at anti Mosque rally in Penrith

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Has attended several far right anti immigration rallies, notably the Reclaim Australia rally in Sydney, a pro Trump rally, and the Party for Freedom rally in Penrith. Fernando and his mates, like many in the alt right, are using libertarian politics as a smoke screen to promote neo fascist politics. Fernando took part in the University of Sydney’s student elections under the SRC ticket Vanguard, a small faction of alt righters and fashy young Liberals, contesting the election which is to take place in late September.

(Fernando & Vanguard confronted on campus)

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Whilst on campus campaigning, Fernando was confronted by a group of queer and Jewish students for his comments related to denying the Holocaust. Through his association with fellow fascist’s online, Fernando goes further to say “Hitler did nothing wrong”. A nervous and triggered Fernando appeared to crack under pressure once confronted. Lacking the courage of his convictions, he immediately back peddled once he realised that his edgy online posturing can be confronted in the real world outside his 4chan safe space.

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