Timothy Kwoh

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A far right Sydney based activist. Kwoh is a Christian fundamentalist who contributes articles opposing abortion, homosexuality and Islam to a vast array of extreme websites. Kwoh is an active member of the Party for Freedom and has attended several rallies including the Penrith anti mosque demo in 2014, an anti Safe Schools picket in July 2015 and comically a white lives matter rally out the front of the Downing Centre in Sydney City. Kwoh is associated with Catch a Fire Ministries and writes for several online publications including the Islamic Monitor and the fanatical Christian website Shoebat.

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On account of his bizarre religious views, Kwoh is very fond of calling people sodomites in the hope that he will be accepted by his hateful friends at the PfF despite the fact he is not white. A free piece of advice for Timmy from the AFAS team would be to seek acceptance outside wannabee white nationalist circles, even ones as harmless as Party for Freedom.