Tom King

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Tom King is a far right activist from Queensland. King was one of the most active extreme right functionaries in Australia throughout the 90s. He was a prominent member of the Confederate Action Party and has long standing associations with the Australian League of Rights. He was a frequent contributor to the far right publication The Strategy.

King was one of Australia’s leading pro-gun activists in the Australian version of the  militia movement, a grouping of armed citizens harbouring hostility towards gun control, taxes and the federal government. He led the militia group known as the South East Queensland Australian Defence Association and was also involved in the AUSI Freedom Scouts. He is also one of Australia’s leading Port Arthur massacre conspiracy theorists.

King became infamous as a member of the One Nation Party in Queensland. Prior to his involvement with the ONP he had been associated with the Australia First Party and a key link between militia and ultra nationalist circles. In 1998 he was elected president of the Queensland Electoral Campaign Committee for the ONP, being responsible for organising party events, fundraisers and campaigns.