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Volksfront is an American based neo Nazi bonehead gang that was established in the mid 90s. The concept of an Australian VF chapter has been in the works since 2004, being suggested by German far right activist Welf Herfurth. It was formed by a grouping of boneheads in Sydney who were formerly associated with the Patriotic Youth League and the National Anarchists.

The groups leader was a bonehead by the name of Chris Smith. Smith is notorious for operating the former WordPress and Facebook Anti Antifa Australia, being active in threatening and hassling left wing activists online. The group digressed into a feud with rival bonehead gang the Southern Cross Hammerskins, which contributed to the group’s eventual collapse in 2013.

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(Chris Smith bottom left, Troy Arce centre)

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(Chris Smith bottom right)

Prominent Figures

Welf Herfurth

Chris Smith

Bradley Trappitt

Steev Levings