Zane Chapman

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A far right activist from Melton, Melbourne. Chapman comes from a racist family based in the outer suburbs of Melbourne. Chapman came into the public light after turning up to the Reclaim Australia rallies on July 18 in Melbourne. He and his mates Blake Carli and his cousin Cory Hadow attempted to attack the anti racist counter protest, failing miserably.

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1st Meth Goblin sighting Melbourne July 18 2015

Chappo has since become an iconic face in the Australian far right, being smashed and or arrested at almost every rally. His own brother came out bravely denouncing Zane and his family as bigoted racists. He is currently a leading figure within the True Blue Crew, which is made up of a collection of his ragtag redneck meth sucking mates from Melton.

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Chappo at Melton

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Chappo at Coburg