Bob Hart

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A Sydney based far right knob. Bob or Potato Bob popped up like the turd he is after several prominent far right video bloggers lost their platform on Facebook. This provided an opportunity for the likes of Bob to step up as one of the potentially new kids on the Zuccerblock. Unfortunately for Bob his clownish behavior, unsettling camera presence and deficient personality set him back, failing to attract any form of following. Devastated by his failure to claim a place amongst the long list of shamed patriot camera queens, Bob deleted his own page several times out of well placed embarrassment.

(The many faces of Bob)

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(Lol. Bob gets triggered a little too easy)

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Bob is another bloke who will take a conspiracy theory over an education which he is in dire need of. His theories leave the viewer in belly up laughter or scratching their noodle in much the same way as one would observe a obscure study on the effects of psychedelic drugs on a oxygen deprived brain. He is also a big fan of Captain Cook and the English colonization of Australia, a concept that is the focus of most of his painful videos. He has called the Aboriginal flag a symbol of apartheid and the slavery of white people, and called for it to be banned in Australia. In the same breath he claims First Nations people (as a race) are alcoholics and abusive to their families. Oh he also thinks the Aboriginal flag is symbolic of anarcho communism?

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Liza Cross

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A far right anti Islam activist from Lithgow, NSW. Cross is a vitriolic woman with an intense hatred for leftists and Muslims. She is closely associated with the Sydney based Party for Freedom, travelling to Cronulla in December of 2015 to attend a rally celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Cronulla Riots.

This poisonous insect appears to be the key functionary in the anti Islam scene within Lithgow. In late Febuary of 2016 she travelled an hour and a half to Orange for the attempted launch of the UPF’s party Fortitude. What an awful failure that turned out to be, but at least she got a few happy snaps with the boys.

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(Liza with Blair Cottrell & Ralph Cerminara)

Liza has relinked with Nick Folkes & the PfF who she has called upon for support in organising an anti Mosque rally in Lithgow for late July 2017. Leading up to her big day in Lithgow, Liza attended and spoke at two PfF rallies in Sydney including a redundant Penrith rally in May against an already refused Islamic school and an “anti antifa” rally in Newtown (1/7/17).

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(Liza at Penrith)

Garry Hume

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Garry Hume is an English far right activist. Hume claims to be a current resident in Eltham, an outer Melbourne suburb. He is a close associate of far right activist Nick Folkes and a probable member of his Party for Freedom.

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Hume played a prominent roll in the organising of several small protests in Eltham against the settling of refugees in an age care facility. The first rally took place on the 1st of October and was organised in conjunction with the True Blue Crew. The second rally took place o the 4th of November and was organised by the Party for Freedom. Both rallies failed to mobilise over 70 of the same old faces. He also traveled to Sydney for the Reclaim Australia rally that took place on the 29th of January.

David Adler

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Adler is a far right troll from Sydney. Adler worked as an administrator in several of Sydney’s prominent hospitals including Prince of Wales & Prince Henry. He went on to become a board member of the Hospital Corporation of Australia, a high paid bureaucratic position.

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(Adler with leading American anti Islam activist Robert Spencer)

Adler, a devout Jew, turned to his faith later on in life, studying the Torah and other holy books. He is also a committed Zionist and staunch Islamophobe, being well connected within Australia’s “counter jihad” movement. Adler attended a Stop the Islamisation of Nations conference in Melbourne 2014 where he met leading American anti Islam activist Robert Spencer (pictured above). He is a close friend and associate of Nick Folkes and is tied to the Q Society. Adler was also a key speaker at the Sydney Reclaim Australia rally in 2017.

Timothy Kwoh

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A far right Sydney based activist. Kwoh is a Christian fundamentalist who contributes articles opposing abortion, homosexuality and Islam to a vast array of extreme websites. Kwoh is an active member of the Party for Freedom and has attended several rallies including the Penrith anti mosque demo in 2014, an anti Safe Schools picket in July 2015 and comically a white lives matter rally out the front of the Downing Centre in Sydney City. Kwoh is associated with Catch a Fire Ministries and writes for several online publications including the Islamic Monitor and the fanatical Christian website Shoebat.

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On account of his bizarre religious views, Kwoh is very fond of calling people sodomites in the hope that he will be accepted by his hateful friends at the PfF despite the fact he is not white. A free piece of advice for Timmy from the AFAS team would be to seek acceptance outside wannabee white nationalist circles, even ones as harmless as Party for Freedom.

Paul Exley

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A far right activist from Sydney. Exley is a an associate of Nick Folkes and has attended Party for Freedom rallies, namely their gathering at Sydney’s Downing Centre against supposed left wing violence. He also attended the anti refugee Melbourne based PfF rally in early November.

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Exley remains a constant at PfF rallies, always keen to hold one of Nick’s overpriced and poorly designed placards at any given moment. He also appears to help transport the Peanut’s gear around in his four wheel drive.