Justin Kirk

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An Adelaide based neo Nazi. Kirk is a supporter of the white nationalist Australia First Party, often found lurking on its related pages. Kirk is also a keen supporter of the largely online movement Anonymous and gets around in a Guy Fawkes mask.

Kirk fancies himself as a bit of a bonehead and turned up to the Bendigo on 10/10/15 for the UPF rally where he was seen in the company of former self proclaimed Right Wing Resistance leader Troy Parker.

Kirk with Troy Parker

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After Shermie made a video denouncing “skinheads” and their presence at UPF rallies, both men took it upon themselves to denounce and abandon the UPF on their Facebook page. Let the wolf claws come out!


Elias Vamiakis

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A Greek born neo Nazi. Vamiakis is a current resident of Sydney. He is a devout supporter of the neo Nazi political party Golden Dawn and was involved in the organisation in Greece. He is a member of the Hellenic Nationalists of Australia (Golden Dawn Australia) serving as the shadowy organisations New South Wales leader.

Below photo: Vamiakis, Iggy Gavrilidis, Golden Dawn leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos, Sakis & Irini Tseros

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Sakis Tseros

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A Sydney based Greek neo Nazi. Tseros is a supporter of the Greek neo Nazi political party Golden Dawn, being involved in the organisation of the party in Australia. He is a prominent member of the Hellenic Nationalists of Australia, and although not verified, he is most likely the GD youth leader. Tseros is also a regular poster on the neo Nazi page United Nationalists Australia.

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Peter Poulos

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A Greek born neo Nazi in Brisbane. Poulos is a self described Greek nationalist, who moved to Australia from Greece. He first came to attention making YouTube videos preaching the rhetoric of fascist party Golden Dawn, of whom he is a great supporter of.

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Poulos has become involved in the organising of Golden Dawn in Australia, operating under the name of Hellenic Nationalists of Australia. Poulos was named head of the organisation in Queensland.